Pos Malaysia Berhadpoor service


I'm writing to complain one of your staff is given bad service which I never had. I was stepped in one of the branch in Aeon Anggun Rawang on Tuesday, 24th October 2017 at 4.29pm. I was excited due to there's no long queue and I was standing there and wait for my turn.

I'm EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED with the staff on duty who sit in counter 2.
She is so friendly with the Malay customer in front of me, when come to my turn, she show up her face and even laugh at my packages that shouldn't wrap that way. She started increase her voice when talking to me. She is not willing to do when she saw I have a lot of packages want to post out, by the time it's already 4.30pm.

I want to ask, if I'm expert in everything, why do you still hired her. If she is not willing to deal with Chinese, not happy we send too many packages, please just set her in back office. Do not show all the people this kind of services, but I have noticed a steady decline in the quality of service as of late.

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