Portrait Innovationsunethical behaviour

Da Sep 30, 2019

Appointment on Sunday Sep 29, at 3 o'clock. My family has a twelve year history of traveling a distance to get our pictures taken here and most likely my last visit here. A lot has changed on purchasing pictures. This time our photographer wasn't very nice, I understand you get large families that come in all talking but her actions/ body language were like we are annoying. Was going to fast when trying to pick pictures clicking really fast. One of my granddaughters had a glare on her glasses on most of the pictures photographer stated it has her fault she didn't put her head down (which I never heard her say to put your head down) also I wanted a picture with my two daughters and granddaughters and it was HORRIBLE she didn't even try and pose us for it to look nice just three quick clicks so three pictures all the same. The picture printer was broken and it was going to be a wait for pictures. I stated I could pick them up NOT KNOWING OR WAS I TOLD THE STORE IS CLOSED MONDAY AND TUESDAY. So, I came from out of town to get these pictures made of my granddaughters. I now need to stay in town longer then planned. I don't even want to tell my daughters the store is closed after the long horrible event their. We were so unhappy and angry when we left then now having to wait until Wednesday I hope to get the packages.

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