PleyAutomatic renewal scam

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I have ordered from in the past and received the item in reasonable time. My daughter was really happy about her new toy and everything seemed fine. But then six months later I received a charge from Pley! I contacted customer service right away and asked what was going on. They said that when I signed up for the first time I agreed to their automatic renewal! Never heard about that and there was nothing about that on their website either!!
Asked for a refund and they said no you agreed yourself! Asked them if I will be charge again and they said yes and did not allow me to cancel the subscription!!
Hate this website! Don't use them, they are real cheats!


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    Sarah_O Sep 05, 2018

    Pley has the worst customer service ever. Emailed and emailed again and no one answer and no answer and no toys coming our way. They literally stole our money ... took the money and gave us no service.

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