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Wife took her Subaru in to Ocala Subaru because her driver's side headlight went out. She left it there during our lunch break. Service salesman called and said it was ready. Took her to pick it up. The salesman appeared embarrassed when he was giving her the bill, he had it turned face down and turned it over when finally presenting it to her to be paid. They had charged her $24.95 for a bulb that I could have bought for $7.00 at AutoZone. Then they charged her $67.50 just to put in the bulb! Then added $5.00 for shop fees? then added $2.45 admin fee, what the heck is that, then added $6.99 tax for a total of $106.89 total for a headlight bulb. I told the Service Manager that Subaru had a recall or some notice that they would replace headlights on the 2011 Outback for free because of all of the problems that Subaru was having with the headlights/ He shrugged his shoulders and said that was not true. Wife paid with debit card. I was/am furious! I called Bill Brian Subaru in Leesburg and was quoted $34 for the entire job, I called Gainesville Subaru and was quoted $49. I researched on line and sure enough in 2016 Subaru sent a letter that I remembered receiving, that gives owners of 2011 and 2012 Subaru Outback 10 additional years for free headlight replacement without any mileage limitations. I called the Manager of the Dealership and he said he would look into the overcharge and call me back, he never called bac. I call him back 24 hours later and he refused my phone call. I called back several more times to speak to the service manager but the company apparently flagged my cell phone number so it hangs up on me. I feel they have stolen $106.89 from me!

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Apr 13, 2022 4:04 am

They are horrible and their service sucks. I will not be buying from any Plattner Automotive owned dealers again

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