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7:48 pm EDT
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Pizzaville Panzerotti port, Severn

I went to Pizzaville, Port Severn on Saturday open the box. The panzerotti was the size of a pizza pocket. I went back on Sunday after complaining about it and he explained to me that’s the size they make somebody else was working there on Sunday. He made it for me, and it is smaller. I dropped by a Pizzaville, in Barrie Ontario showed him the panzerotti. They laughed and said that’s not what they produced for their customers at that store. These two guys should not be making panzerotti‘s or working there if they cannot produce proper requirements for the customer, following the standard rules for the preparation and size of the panzerotti that Pizzaville, has been serving me for years and other customers all around Ontario

Desired outcome: My name is Daniel email [protected] phone number [protected]

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Update by Daniel Comeau
Mar 19, 2023 7:50 pm EDT

I made a writing error that Pizzaville, has not been serving me for years. I’ve been eating Pizzaville, products for years.

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1:39 am EST

Pizzaville Metrodeal promo: mouthwatering 30-inch pizza with 4 delicious flavor combinations

Date of incident: 11/28/2016
Voucher # metv670c7fd1d887 metrodeal promo: mouthwatering 30-inch pizza with 4 delicious flavor combinations

We sent the delivery request email as per their requirement 3 days prior to delivery date together with 2 contact numbers and the delivery address. we were in touch via email over the weekend so that the delivery will push through the date requested. on the day itself, my other phone was dead so I was waiting for a text or a call on the other cell phone number I provided them. they agreed to deliver on the 28th of november, 9pm. it was already 8:30pm and no call, no text message on the other number. I sent them a query text message on their whereabouts expecting that their delivery guy was already out and on his way. to my dismay, they replied with a blaming tone saying they texted us on the other number. so instead of a polite service or an apology, we got this kind of response saying that they only have hired a grab taxi and that we should wait and get the pizza from the driver. meaning, we needed to go down the building and wait for the arrival of the grab taxi driver then we have to pay php500 for that delivery.
But when we ate the pizza, it was already cold and not fresh anymore. everything is dry already. we felt embarrassed in front of our colleagues to whom we gave that pizza as our treat for them. : (we are very disappointed with how this went knowing that we have followed everything in their instructions sending everything in the email in advance the way they wanted it to prevent late the end, they served it late!

We are not going to try their pizza again and we will not recommend this to friends. we will definitely spread the word.

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Panzerotti port, Severn
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