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We bought a 32' Magnavox LCD from Circuit City Sept. 06, Model# 32MF231D $ 849.99. On 06-28-08 the LCD shut off and would not turn back on! we checked all the wires and cables, unplugged it, plugged it back in ...and so on. The next morning I called the Magnavox customer service center where I was greated by someone laughing their A$% off. I told her about the problem we were having and all she suggested was pushing the power button again! - what??- I got nowhere with her and hung up. I then emailed Philips consumer center and told them about the problem..They wrote back and said they were sorry but since my warranty had expired there was nothing they could do. Well i don't give up that easy, and over the next 2 weeks i wrote them 6 emails where i expressed my intense frustration with them and their screwed up LCD they sold me.
I finally got an email saying that they were sorry they sold me a defective LCD - well i thought thats what i needed! they had admitted that the LCD was defective and at least now they would have to repair it or send me a new one.
I called Philips again letting them know that i had an email in front of me where they state that they sold me a defective LCD. The guy put me on hold several times ...almost puzzled that someone in their Dept. would write that. I was feeling good, there was a glimmer of hope. The guy came back on the phone and asked me to fax the sales slip, and upon receiving it they would tell me what they could do for me.
I hurried out and faxed it July 15 2008. After waiting almost 2 weeks for a response i called them up on July 28 where i was told that my LCD was past warranty ( had told them that 1 month ago) and that they were not able to help me at all! - i am so angry with Philips for screwing me over and making me think that they would help me!! I will never buy anything that says Philips on it or is in anyway associated with Philips! It's amazing to me how a company can screw their costumers like that, and not worry at all about it. There is no way that an LCD should expire after less that 2 years - what a total SCAM! Shame on you Philips & warning to others...don't buy from them.

Here is my last email to Philips / Magnavox..and yes, i was not happy.


I just called "Steven" at customer support, however the news for me was not what I wanted or expected from your company. I was under the impression that you were willing to help me since you admitted to selling me a defective TV. I am so very disgusted with the way you handled this situation and how you made me believe that you would stand by your product!!! Shame on you!!!
I can assure you that we will NEVER EVER buy so much as a light bulb that says Philips on it...what a shame...
I really truly believe that you don't care at all about your customers, I thought i could prove to all the thousands of complaints online that you really would stand behind your product..but as of today Im in the same s$#T bin as they are.
I am reporting you to the BBB, and several online consumer reviews as is my right.
I should had gone with Sony. The LCD was less than 2 years old!!! and your review board found that that was way beyound the criteria for getting a repair, refund or replacement?????? - Are you kidding me???? You knew a month ago that my LCD was out of warranty, yet you strung me along, had me fax my receipt to you ...blah - blah- were for sure going to do something for me.

Don't worry will get screwed over too, maybe not today, but when you constantly screw people over, well then eventually it will come back to you. - good luck with that.

One of the emails from Philips:

Thank you for your email to Philips Consumer Lifestyle.

We understand your frustrations and we apologize for the inconvenience you encountered as a result of your defective TV and the service you got. Your concern will be forwarded to our (management department/or name of the department). This will be taken in consideration for us to improve our service.


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    John Smith Sep 16, 2008
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    All I can say is you got screwed pal, I used to work for Philips and this was a common sight for everyone that called in. Wanna know something even better? Philips is going to be getting rid of all USA support in americastarting enxt year and all USA support will be in Manilla. Philips is a horrible company. I can tell you plenty of secrets and ways to scam their warranty system

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  • Ro
    ron Wallis Nov 05, 2009

    We purchased a Magnavox 32 inch LCD flat screen TV with DVD player built in on March 15 2008. It was Model number 32MD357B/37 Serial number BZ5A0803150028. We purchased it at Sam's Club and also purchased an extra years service contract at the same time. It started acting up (starting a couple of months ago) by not turning on when you hit the turn on switch for a minute or so. Then when it finally does come on it won't stay on and keeps turning the picture off while the on switch is still on, then when the picture does reappear it makes a loud static sound and multi colored stripes come on with it and then the picture goes away again. This will happen several times before the picture will finally come on completely. Sometimes we have to completely unplug the set and wait a bit and then plug it in again to make it even try to start up again. It is getting worse. We called Sam's Club extended service contract access phone number. We were immediately told that the contract was expired and that we have no recourse, that they won't do anything for us. We were told that Magnavox provided a service contract for the first year and then the additional service contract from Sam's Club would kick in when that expired. We will never renew our membership at Sam's Club again or buy another Magnavox product. We are very dissatisfied with both companies. No help from either, all we got was rudeness and indifference from them. Very poor customer service and we will make sure everyone we know hears about this and are all advised not to purchase another Magnavox product! No wonder this country's economy is in such a mess. No one should be treated like this. A very poor investment choice as I see it. I believe we will turn this matter over to the consumer help division of our local news channel and see what they can do with it. Maybe even to all the network news channels.

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