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There is a online advertise abt "african grey parrots available for free adoption this xmass‏' from< [protected]> that he is giving his parrot free for adoption and i hv to pay 275 CAD to courrier only after they come at my door step.but after having all my contact info they r demading this amount right now via money gram at this (NAME;...MRS KELLY ANDERSON
ANWER...TODAY) and giving comapny info (CARRIER DETAILS(person bringing the bird over to you today in the evening around 7.45-8pm your time)
Name of carrier...Mr Karl Peterson
Agent Number...AFID .8655
Flight and
Details;... (NOT ACTIVATED)until payment is comfirmed).the also called in v bad english insist to payment, that i am never gonna do.


  • Be
    been had bad May 14, 2009

    As above I have had a simular experience, with Pet Express Courrier service also using name USA Pet Courrier and French Pet Moving Services OH branch-manager: Mr Holman Gold, SAT Line:[protected], the're e-mail:usa pet [protected]
    A gentleman name Christain Malik (his e-mail is:
    [protected] 2 free Macaws because he could'nt take care of them anymore. Several letters back and forth very detailed about birds. Agreed to pay shipping from OH to MO was fair price. The birds were to be delivered to my door step
    by 12:45am. But they got held up in Indianapolis IN
    Needing insurance and vaccine, so more money. I checked out the insurance(VPI Pet Insurance) is a real buss. I contacted them(to late)they do not write travel policies. And this money was to be refunded back to me when birds were delivered. Now they say that customs won't release birds till I pay for document saying I am the owner(a lg amount) I refused.
    I ask for number of customs, I was givin four, all SAT:
    [protected], [protected],
    [protected] and [protected]
    Then I ask for the address it was N.Meridian St
    & r w-bth St Indianapolis In. Meridian is real but the
    other is not. I told them that I would come & pick up bird from them, they got all excited said if money wasn't there in 30min birds will go into quarantine so I should just pay. I did not.
    (All money was sent through western union)
    lst. flight plan:Name of carier:Mrs Donns Christopher
    agent# AFID-8655
    airline:Air France Air Ways
    arrival at my door step

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  • Je
    Jenny Begg Jul 01, 2009

    I have had a similar experience this time they used the name Pet relocation Professionals world wide pet carrier and as I am in Australia it was the Sydney branch.The birds advertised were 2 African Greys for free due to owner Sandria Manu having cancer and no longer being able to look after them, after numerous emails was organized to have them delivered from her place(supposedly Sydney)to me in country Victoria, again the courier would only accept payment via Money Gram to country -Cameroon
    Name of carrier was Mr Denis Parker
    Agent no.AFID.8655
    Luckily living in a remote area there is no Money Gram office anywhere near so I did not pay anything

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