Perfume Emporium Complaints & Reviews

Perfume Emporium / perfume empire — products are not even worthy as air-fresheners.

Jan 05, 2019

Byers beware! Despite all the negative reviews, my wife and I gave Perfume Empire a try by placing a $210 order (2 perfumes & 2 colognes). We have always bought these perfumes/colognes from reputable department stores like Macy's. So we are quite familiar with the scent of the...

Perfume Emporium / fake perfume

Jan 03, 2018

Perfume EmporiumI recently received my three Lanvin arpège pour Homme flasks and they were all fake. The content was yellow instead of transparent and the odor just not that of the original. Unfortunately I found out too late that they were scammers. Do not order from that site, they can't be trusted. I'm...

Perfume Emporium / fake perfumes

May 16, 2017

I ordered a creed perfume on the website have been using this brand for a very long time so I know the smell like i know my name. I stumbled into an advert of the product with a low price and i got interested. When i received the perfume, The first spray smelled like...

Perfume Emporium / Imitation fragrance and fake company

Jan 12, 2017

Perfume EmporiumDear Folks, Well, I Strongly suggest anyone not to deal with these people, they will give you cheap price too good to be true for an original item which is in fact totally faked imitation. (What they write in here is a pack of lies! ) Recently I...

Perfume Emporium / Terrible website, don't order!

Dec 09, 2016

I made an order and purchased from Perfume Emporium. I did not receive a confirmation message and there was no tracking number. I waited over a week and decided to contact Perfume Emporium customer service about my order status. They said they did not have any record that I made any order...

Perfume Emporium / Credit Card

Jan 07, 2016

I´ve purchased on VISA Credit Card on 26/12/2015, order #1045670, a total of US$ 142 in perfumes from WWW.PERFUMEEMPORIUM.COM. A few days later I received a despondent, asinine and sarcastic e-mail stating that the products would ship between 30 to preposterous 90 days! Shipment and costume...

Perfume Emporium / Delivery

Jan 07, 2016

I´ve purchased on VISA Credit Card a total on 26/12/2015, order #1045670, of US$ 142 in perfumes from WWW.PERFUMEEMPORIUM.COM. A few days later I received a despondent, asinine and sarcastic e-mail stating that the products would ship between 30 to preposterous 90 days! Shipment and costume...

Perfume Emporium / Refused refund

Jan 23, 2014

I ordered eye cream through, the vendor was perfume-emporium. Shortly after finalizing the order I realized that the product was overpriced and available for half the price on other sites. I immediately canceled my order. Nonetheless the item arrived at my house on Saturday...

Perfume Emporium/Cabaret / imitation fragrance


I purchased perfume "Cabaret" from the and received a fragrance that smells as a chip $3 imitation and bottle (not even full), label are not original as well. As a "courtesy" company offered to me to ship the imitation back at my own expense. It is a 100 ml heavy bottle...

Perfume Emporium / Refund scam


Perfume ordered from and payed for 15th June 2009. !st packaged alledgedly lost by Royal mail, after several e-mails Chris ([[protected]] (link: mailto:[protected] arrange 2nd parcel, this was lost again by Royal Mail...

The Perfume Emporium / Goods paid for but not delivered


Perfume ordered through website and paid for by Visa.Emails from Chris at [protected] said it was sent on 7 April by 1st. class Royal Mail but I had to wait 15 working days before Chris could send a replacement or refund the money.After this wait I emailed again and...

Perfume Emporium / Do not buy from this company, they will scam you


This so called sit do not go near it I did over 2 months ago more fool me I orderd from this perfume company and to start with got emails tell me that my goods where wing there way to me but guss what no purfume ever came and the more I emailed the more I got well the post office has lost...

The Perfume Emporium / Non-delivery of goods


I placed an order for over £80 on June 17th 2010 for my wife's birthday. Received email saying that goods despatched 21st June by Royal Mail First Class signed for. Emailed "Chris" that goods not arrived. He replied Royal Mail were at fault, give it a few days. When a few day...

Perfume Emporium / Mariella Burani Eau Rosee Eau toilette


Ordered Mariella Burani Eau Rosee. Company is out of business and I was thrilled to find it on line to purchaser, I have been wearing this fragrance for about 6-7 yrs. Know what the bottle and fwhat rangrance smells like. Box arrives in mail today. Looks like box perfume comes in except...

The Perfume Emporium / Do not use this bogus company


If I could give this company a minus rating I would. I purchased some perfume 7 days ago using debit/Visa but I have still not received anything after 2 e-mails. Have contacted the Police and Trading Standards today who said this company is a SCAM. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS BOGUS SITE - the...

The Perfume Emporium / Complaint


I recently ordered some perfume from this website and it never turned up, I kept contacting Chris Collings and he kept fobbing me off, it soon became clear that my order was never going to arrive and it hasn't. I order many thing off the internet from many sites but this is the first...

The Perfume Emporium / Refund not given


I ordered some perfume on 5th May from [[protected]] (link: mailto:[protected] 12 days later to say it had not arrived and was advised I had to wait 15 working days before royal mail would look into the problem. 15 working days passed...I...

Perfume Emporium / 100% pure scam


After ordering perfurme and paying for it for my daughters birthday I still have not received either the perume or money back despite being promised a cheque back or an inconvenience cheque for £5 I am really annoyed as this comany are obviously con artists I live within 25 miles of...

Perfume Emporium / Unpleasant experience


Having read all the other emails then mine simply echoes what has been said before. My money was taken from my account 3 days after filling the online purchase order. I received one email to say that it had been dispatched. Following several emails from me I then received one from somebody...

Perfume Emporium / Customer Service


I order 6 mintures one to be shipped your every month for months, the only way I recevied them is to email them. Read for yourself Dear Madam, Your first shipment of the mini of the month was mailed out on this morning 6/9/09 through the US Postal Service Your June mini of the month...

Perfume Emporium / Failure to deliver


Perfume emporium, I ordered and paid for two aftershaves on 19th June when neither arrived asked for money back, I keep being fobbed off with excuses What a mug I should have looked at the review of this firm before ordering anything, its a scam steer clear of them. First they said it wa...

The Perfume Emporium / Nondelivery of goods


This company does not deliver goods. It blames postal losses to begin with then promises to re-send. When goods do not arrive refunds are promised, then promised within 30 days (according to their terms of business). Then when the money still does not arrive we are told that it has been...