B Sep 12, 2018

I paid for a 6 month membership in Feb of 2018. I hardly used it because the guys on there were not my type. I forgot about it for a couple of months, and then logged on two or three times. Then around May, I logged on to cancel my membership and made sure i selected to turn off the automatic renewal, and I remember answering the 2 questions as to why I am cancelling, and logged off and never went back, trusting the process. I am now aware of how supposedly respectable dating sites are just as bad at ripping you off as all the smut and sex sites that practice this scam.
So the other day I was checking my bank account transactions for something unrelated and spotted the $90.00 debit from on 8/22/2018. So like anybody would, I logged on to get the information on my account. I called the customer care number only to find out it's handled by People Media, which apparently handles more than 50 dating websites?
I am on Social Security Disability at $672.00 a month, so $90.00 is essential to my survival and not play money.
The rep. who took my call, named "James", (with a foreign accent) would/could not transfer me to his supervisor.

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