People article "universal studios actor caught flashing white power symbol"

M Oct 03, 2019

In response to the 10/03/19 article titled, "Universal Studios Actor Caught Flashing White Power Symbol While Posing with 2 Biracial Children, " most likely the symbol that the character used is in relation to the Circle Game that teenagers play. A quick Google search would have taken you to which states, "The goal is to trick another person into looking at his hand. If the Victim looks at the hand, he has lost the game, and is subsequently hit on the bicep with a closed fist, by the offensive player." I've seen well-intended children and teenagers play it, and it never had any racist connotation to it. I've seen people who are far from racist flash this symbol in pictures. It's the modern day version of Punch Buggy. should do some research before jumping on the racist bandwagon.

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