Penang Adventist Hospitalwrong medicine provided

D Mar 21, 2019

Date of Incident: 19 Mar 2019

On the 19 Mar 2019, I visited Dr Loo Yock Chon at Penang Adventist Hospital for follow up treatment.
After the payment of RM 430.05, i went to pharmacy to collect the medicine and was shock by the amount medicine provided and I check with the pharmacist and she told me this is 6 months medication which Dr told me he is giving me 2 weeks medicine. Anyhow she ask me to check with Dr directly.

So after the collection, i went to the clinic to check with the nurse there. After checking the receipt and medication, they told me that is the wrong medicine and different from what Dr prescript for me.

So i go back to the pharmacy to return the medicine and collector the correct medicine.

So the message i want to pass down here, what will happened if i consumed the wrong medicine without noticing it.

i am making the complaint is to prevent the same incident happened to other patient. Do note, we don't have any knowledge of medicine, so we will not cross check on the medicine, we trust the pharmacy to provide the correct medicine.

Please take this seriously and ensure this will not repeat again.

Wrong medicine:
1. concor 2.5MG tablet
2. Rotaqor 10MG tablet

Correct medicine
1. WSOZ 40MG tablet
2. Singulair 10MG tablet

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