Penang Adventist Hospitalservices /noises

H Dec 31, 2018

I would like to feedback my very unpleasant experiences
1. The staff that brought me to Wad never say a word. Reached the nursing station and he left. Very crowded nursing station, I stood aside, luckily a nurse saw me.
2. I asked for key of the locker, twice! Finally a nurse came, however, she couldn't find a key and never come back to tell me how.
Ask her can I drink water she said will check and again never come back.
3. Last and worst thing, hospital should be a place for patient to get good rest. However, i CAN'T get any rest because the hospital construction is so loud, then the noises from pushing the carts, from the sound very exciting nurses, laughing and talking loudly. I thought the nurses should be more considerate and understanding?! Then the visitor on the phone for long talk at corridor talking like his house ! I Tried very hard to bear with it and get some sleep, got up few times to close the door, informed the nurse to close the door if it's opened, however, the door never get closed for 5 minutes! Terrible! This is just like a air conditioned market!

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