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K Aug 06, 2018

The Penang Adventist Hospital (PAH) is one of the hospital that quite reachable and affordable in Penang. I was looking for a second opinion for a heart problem for my father (arrhythmia) in Penang and one of my family suggested to meet doctor Tuan Jiun Haur in this hospital.
I traveled to Penang two times. First trip was good in the 28 June -2 July 2018 and the second one was in the 29 July-4 August.

-First visit in PAH-
The hospital is quite huge. Some medic staff are kind and helpful but the others are not kind and deft. The doctor is smart, non-profitable, and also patient when answering all the questions. He even suggested my father not to have an operation (like other hospital in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore I visited will directly suggested to have an operation instead of drugs) eventhough we still finally chose to have an operation. But in my first visit I noticed something difficulty and simplicity which were :
-The difficulty on contacting the hospital because the only way was by email which were replied slowly like for 2-3 days after
- The hospital didn't have an accommodation for patient after the 5 p.m
- I also couldn't contact the driver to confirm I have already arrived at airport (however I managed to meet the PAH representative at the outside airport door and went to my hotel safely),
- They never told me that there're accommodation from hospital to airport (must be followed by other persons to reach a quota in a mini bus).
- I have also made a mistake and admitted it when I managed to confirm that I will be with my father and my brother in Penang because I just recently bought the ticket for my brother one day before the departure. Also I just confirmed the passenger will be only my father and myself. But I confirmed that I would be with my brother and father by email to the admin before the departure from Jakarta. But when I arrived in Penang the reply from the pick up service was so rude and threaten me that my brother could be left because the only permitted were two persons, one patient and one accompanied. But they still picked me up to the hotel with grumbled.
- The last one was the we couldn't make an appointment to meet the doctor even you are coming overseas. And as consequences we arrived without any queue number and waited very long just to meet the doctor. This made me a little uncomfortable. Even we come both earlier or later then the expected time we still had to wait for long time
*P.S : I only got all the information for the accommodation after I met directly with the accommodation front desk in hospital but never been told by the email preciously by the email

-End of the first trip-

-Second trip to PAH-
Before I begin my next review. I would like to tell that I am also a doctor in Indonesia so I know a lot about the hospital and medical action.
After I made an appointment for the operation in 1st August we managed to meet the doctor one more time. But again we met a lot of trouble before, during, and after operation. Here they were :
• Pre/Before Operation : (31 July 2018)
-Since I've already known about requirements of the accommodation I didn't apply for any accommodation. Instead of using the hospital's accommodation, I used Grab
- Like the first trip we still needed to wait for a long time even we come earlier 9.30 from 10.00 of the appointment (made directly by emailing the doctor). We came to see doctor around 11.30. After that we passed the x ray exam and also the blood test and seems fine
- But the problem came from the admission. I was told by the staff that they didn't prepare my room yet due to the in patient still in my room eventhough I've already booked the room since 1 week before. I also didn't get any complimentary for this fault. They gave me solution to upgrade the room to VIP (which means 4x higher price but I refused). So then, I could enter the room in 6 o'clock but managed to come in 8 because I wanted to take my dinner nearby and shower in my hotel.
- Once I came to the room the room a little bit small and dirty. The sheet that was given to me had some kind of stain that can't be removed. Everytime I need an extra kit such as pillow, sheet, or towel I need an extra charge. There also weren't any blanket. It wasn't a big problem but it would be better if they told me before so I can prepare it from the hotel.
- Also inside the room there was no any of infectious bin in each room and hand rub in each of the bed. I need to walk around 10-20m to reach them. I believed that it could harm the patient and medical staff because they need it to after doing some medical action. I asked to the nurse and they told me not all the room had the bin and hand rub. Everytime they would like to do the medical action they will bring the bin and hand rub in a troly.
- The garbage man used the surgical mask on him but didn't used handscoon when collecting the trash. Because as I know even it wasn't an infectious waste we still need to protect ourselves by using both of surgical mask and handscoon.
- When the nurse would like to insert a catheter he made a mistake. He only disinfected the tip of the penis but not the all the part of the penis. The way he squeezed the penis after he inserted the anesthetic jelly made my father in pain. I believed it was done horribly and could make a urinary tract infection.
- My father only got a biscuit and a small glass of milo for the dinner

•Intra/during operation : (1st August 2018)
- We are told by nurse to wait in our room but actually there were a waiting room in front of the catheter lab (operating theater). It wasn't a big deal at all but for me it was better to wait nearby the operating theater just in case something happen inside
- The operation was promised by the doctor would be completed around 5-6 hours. My father got inside the operating theater in 8.30 am but didn't come out until 4.15 pm which mean it was almost 8 hours. I think it's okay if you run an operation more than the prediction time but they need to confirm to the family what happen inside the operation theater but unfortunately it wasn't happened at all.

•Post/After Operation (1st August 2018)
- After the operation done we managed to see my father in the High Dependency Unit (HDU). First time we saw my father he felt a little bit uncomfortable in her epigastric region. Spontaneously I asked the nurse in HDU to take a look after my father as I also directly checked using a stethoscope. I diagnosed my father with functional dyspepsia and needed drug immediately. But the nurse are not deft enough. He took 5- 10 minutes to get the drug. He even gave my father an oral drug which I knew it was wrong. I confirmed again to the nurse that you were probably wrong on using the oral drug but they insisted it was instructed by the doctor.
- Not long after the drug was given around 15-30 minutes my father got vomit. And I was blamed because I gave 125cc of water just before they gave the oral drug. As I kmew the water may be permitted if the patient is fully conscious and have the ability to swallow. The vomit probably caused by the reaction of the drugs that administered orally. Like in this case could cause a bloating due to the side effect of the drug that produce gas after it was reacted to the gastric acid and will worsen the symptom of dyspepsia.
- My father was given again the drug via IV line like I had suggested before. They gave him anti emetic and gastric protection drugs. After about 10 minutes from the second and third drug was given to my father, he suddenly felt anxious and started moving his hands and feet undirectly. I told the nurse again that my father were probably developing the extrapyramidal syndrome caused by the anti emetic drug. But again the nurse just told me to calm him down. After another 10 minutes of reassurance that I was sure wouldn't work, I insisted to call and speak to the doctor directly but they told me you can't talk to the doctor. The only way to contact the doctor when the patient in emergency state. Again, I believed that this was breaking the patient rights to speak directly to the doctor.
- As soon the doctor come (maybe around 15 minutes after I insisted them to call the doctor), the doctor then did the emergency ecocardiography and found nothing happen to the heart. The doctor accidentally found there were bleeding in my father's groin which were the former part of the inserted catheter that lead to heart. I assumed it happened after my father moved undirectly. The bleeding then be stopped using the compression of a gauze.
- After that the doctor then spoke to me. He told me that the heart hadn't any problem, so he gave my father tranquilizer and its reverse not so long after the tranquilizer was given. He told me my father probably developed the symptom like I assessed before. Finally I met him first time after the post operation. He apologized to me on many things such as the delay of the operation time was caused by the x-ray was broken (which never been told by the ward nurse), he forgot to write down post operation instruction (which meaned that the HDU nurse never confirmed about the drug to the doctor after the operation), and he wasn't able come to see me directly because after the operation he went directly to the policlinic.
- The adminstration fee procedure was quite fast (only take 1-2 hours after the patient would like to check out even we used the insurance) and it helped a lot to save time
- My father only got porridge, vegetables, and fruits for dinner and bihun and fruit for breakfast

Conclusion :
- In my opinion I believed the nurse didn't give me respect. Because when I would like to claim my right to speak to the doctor they told me I can't do that. They didn't coordinate again with other nurse or any other medical team (such as in policlinic, ward, and operating theater). The case and problem can be handled easily but they made it in a hard way.
- The accomodation staff will need to be evaluated for example like give all the information that the patient need by email if they only can be contacted by email.
- The good things to have in PAH that the price of the procedure is cheaper than the other hospital also the doctor one of the best I believe
- It's better to have better food for patient's nutrition especially those who have done the operation. It will sure help the patient to recover faster.

*P.S : this review was directed to Cardiology division and staff.

I hope my review could help other people to decide which hospital is the best to look after for medical assistance and can learn about patient right in a Hospital

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