Penang Adventist Hospitalexpertise of dr. wong kok hoe at the accident & emergency department on 1st july 2018

M Aug 18, 2018

I fell about lunchtime on 1st July, slipped on a wet floor. My right wrist was swollen++ and painful by late afternoon. I went to A & E at about 6pm. Saw Dr. Wong Kok Hoe. He ordered an X-ray and when it was done, he told me that everything was fine and no broken bones. He gave me Voren gel to apply to affected area, Panadol and Tramadol 50 mg for pain and said to go home. I was in some pain but took his word and went home. My right wrist continued to swell even more. The next afternoon, I got a call from the hospital, a lady who didn't identify herself. She told me that I had a fracture of the right wrist and to return to the hospital. By this time, it was late afternoon on 2nd July and she said to go back Tuesday morning 3rd July to see an Orthopaedic doctor on the 4th floor.

I went on Tuesday and saw Dr Alif Carr. He showed me the X-ray and I could see the crack in the bone! I told him what Dr Wong had said and was told he's a locum? The treatment was a cast. I told him I was going to KL the next day for a wedding, back on Sunday. Then I will be travelling to the UK on 27th. He said I could come on 26th to have the cast removed. The cast was applied and I went to KL. It was not comfortable and my hand was becoming numb, especially the thumb. I tolerated it but when I got back to Penang, I went back to Dr Alif on Mon 9th July. He agreed that the cast can be removed and a back slab applied. This was done and I felt much much better.

As I was travelling on 27th, I wanted to have some use of my right hand. I started to use my hand to get back some muscle tone.
Decided there was not the need to review. I was happy with what Dr Alif did.

My complaint now is that I requested for a medical report to claim insurance. It's more than three weeks and still no report???

1. Incompetence of Dr Wong Kok Hoe, who can't even read a simple X-ray
2. The length of time to get a medical report!

I'm really disappointed with the level of care at the hospital.

Margaret Chan Kit Ching
HN 0415293
VN PV5020601

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