PayzaThey allowed someone unknown to attach a Bank to my account ... is Identity Theft. Payza MUST CLOSE MY ACCOUNT!!!

I attempted to SUBMIT 5 times or so but you are not taking it. The "Subject" is International Identity Theft using my 4year DORMANT PAYZA ACCOUNT.
Urgent that I reach them or vice-versa.

I have typed out 2 times already in long great detail prior to shortening my description of what happened and is happening and tried to SUBMIT. You did not let either long explanation go through. Everything was filled in correctly except I put "other " as the subject; that was because you don't have Identity Theft among your choices.
Apparently you're not as good as you think you are with helping handle problems.
Margo J Lakin

PS: I DID take photos of my initial complaint explanation as a record for myself; so if you cannot look back to the explanation that didn't go thru, (and I cannot retype the detailed explanation again because it is just too long to do again); 2 times is enough...
Tell me how to send the photos.
I will send them to your photo/video fill-in and hope you can read it!


Oct 11, 2019

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