Paws New Englandsaving animals — supposedly

C Nov 29, 2017

This company sent me a fraudulent invoice on my PayPal account. I have no clue how they got my email address. I do not even like dogs, so I would never initiate a donation to anything like this. The invoice is for $46. I spoke with PayPal and they are going to remove it, and report the company. The invoice was dated 11/26/2017. I want to be removed from their email list. I want an apology for trying to "steal" money from me in the guise of a donation. And it would be great if their license were revoked for this illegal invoice. I uploaded a screen shot of the invoice.

Paws New England

  • Updated by carlacahill · Nov 30, 2017

    This company that I have never heard of, sent an invoice to my PayPal account for $46. I am unable to remove it and PayPal said that they are unable to remove it. Only Paws New England can remove it. I have contacted them and they have done nothing to remove it. Soliciting fraudulent donations?

    saving animals — supposedly

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