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I Am not a retailer just a housewife. I arranged a collection of a cupboard with glass shelves. This was picked up from the lady's house. The glass inside the cupboard wrapped up, the cupboard also wrapped. She was not happy with the way it was put on the van. We received the glass on the Saturday which was broken. But no cupboard or mention of where it was. I then saw on the computer it was due to be delivered. Monday, I waited a day nothing. Today I spoke on a live chat, to be told it's damaged.
Without me doing the live chat when was I likely to hear about it being damaged. Why was it damaged, how. Why do you have the nerve to send me the glass which is of no use at all to me without the cupboard to put it in. I am pretty frustrated and very upset. I would like answers please and my property returned to me damaged or not. The fact that I can not speak to a human is disgusting, no wonder the country has gone to ruin.
Please confirm when I will get his cupboard and who is responsible for the damage. It is a £800 cupboard that someone through their incompetence has broken. How sad
Alison mildon

  • Updated by alison mildon, Apr 30, 2019

    I am not at all happy with the service I am receiving from this company and would never recommended them to anyone, perhaps they should be on watch dog

Apr 30, 2019

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