Paltalk Complaints & Reviews

Paltalk / breaking tos

Apr 14, 2019

IN the social issues section sub cat human rights..there are a few people who open up rooms about paid nic names...they never have anyone in them but the admin and the room titles are vile!!! and break matter how many times we have gone to the help rooms...they may close the room...

Paltalk / the flirting zone

Jan 31, 2019

Complaint/Complaints concerning The Flirting Zone Date of the most currant incident 1/30/2019 I have a copy of the room script from yesterday events if need be. I have been on Pal talk since it first began. I have been a room member, a super admin, and regular admin in the past. Recently...

Paltalk / scammer who uses paltalk to find victims

Dec 18, 2018

I'm a state of Oregon employed caregiver for Developmentally disabled adults. One of my clients is a regular user on your platform. About a month ago he'd began to chat with Brenda Richardson (AKA: "BABY DEMON" & She frequents "Dave's Room" (extremely active on...

Paltalk / prime subscription

Dec 04, 2018

on your website I tried to upgrade my subscription for vip if I pay monthly it is 19.95 if I pay for a whole year it is 8.99 and on top of that said you save 45% and no issues here.. when you go to prime, monthly price is 39.35 and on top it said 6 month subscription is 29.99 and it said you...

[Resolved] Paltalk / a room entitled by my pal talk nickname for short itsnotfor which I find it very abusive and racist

Nov 10, 2018

A paltalk user called jonnykzj keeps on slandering and stalking me, ItsNotForYouToKnowAboutMe, with his room title ItsNot Gypsy Heretic slanders jonnykzj. The guy has serious and severe mental issues, and he keeps on calling different people bad names with his room title. I am not the only...

Paltalk / bullying

Oct 31, 2018

a memeber malcolm kemp mr_jollie is a sexafender hes been bullying me ive been defending my self over his drama in a room he has illigally banned me cause he dont want woman in the room mem for men only room owner is melvin525 ive icnored him in the room but it seems if i icnore him it...

Paltalk / about a user in bangladesh category

Oct 28, 2018

An admin named nice_boy_34 from Yahoo-Group Bangladesh Category abuses girls/ women sexually by creating several dirty rooms. Usually he offers live video sex to the girls/women. If they do not accept his dirty proposal, he abuses and threatens those girls/women in the rooms. If the...

Paltalk / about a user

Oct 28, 2018

An admin named nice_boy_34 from YAHU Group Bangladesh Category abuses girls/ women sexually by creating several dirty rooms. Usually he offers live video sex to the girls/women. If they do not accept his dirty proposal, he abuses and threatens those girls/women in the rooms. If the victim...

Paltalk / being locked out of my account because their server screwed up.

Oct 20, 2018

I was in a friends room. Suddenly everyone began having viewing others cams problems. Most of us logged out - I tried logging in and it errored out. I tried a few times - then I got a message I'm locked out of rooms. How can you lock a user out of a room when the server messed up and...

Paltalk / hackers cyber criminals death threats

Sep 26, 2018

This is an ongoing thing now at this moment I have some real voice recording of them as they sit and type away. I found out i could hear them to after they'd hacked me to ease drop drop on me it was dumb luck but I have real voice recordings and little bits of other info I need turned over...

Paltalk / paltalk chat rooms

Sep 09, 2018

there is a chatroom in paltalks human rights section called Christian, Muslim, Jewish Discussion the admins of this room are violating paltalks terms of service by not enforcing tos for giving out someones information on a profile investigatingn last 24 hours chatlog will prove this i...

Paltalk / complaint about our upgraded room being hacked over and over and nothing is being done

Sep 09, 2018

Hi ;I am a Admin of Maroc Majalis Al Fikr Room we have been having serious problems with our room in Paltalk : it has been hacked many many time knowing that we have been very protective about not to sing in or use our owner nickname ( asdi9ae) to avoid being hacked ; but somehow they...

Paltalk / death threats

Jul 19, 2018

this person named FeriyaaL has made multiple accounts and began stalking me to my room and many other rooms and saying they are going to find me and murder me, they have my personal details including my address and full name. This person is relentless and does not stop harassing and...

Paltalk / I am complain against two users and their room called "fcuk and forget"

Jun 30, 2018

du_maurier and his brother jezz_ opened a secret room few years ago. Their room's activities are very much devastating. They show adult contents video, naked body, live video sex chats of the Bangladeshi category users without their consent. One of the users has already suicided for their...

Paltalk / please stop cyber bullying

Jun 07, 2018

Dear Paltalk, please look into nickname behnam_108 . He opens room for other people wife and expose private life and information . This is very bad because it encourages rape and violence and this allows other people to do the same. We believe Paltalk should be a safe place to chat and...

Paltalk / billing

Feb 15, 2018

I have been a past customer, but decided to give Paltalk another try by simply signing up for ONE month. After great disappointment with your software, I choose to NOT renew my account. I double checked the site, and saw that I would NOT be billed automatically for the next month. After...

Paltalk / a rapist user exist in paltalk

Feb 01, 2018

Hello In the last few days at the end of January 2017 and early Feb 2018, The user called "MonkeyBalls22" enters some G and R rated rooms and types some awful texts and leaves immediately. Specifically, he has frequently written on the floor of most Persian rooms in Paltalk including "Iran Ende...

Paltalk / paltalk

Jan 30, 2018

The user "Behnam_108" in Paltalk in the room called Emsal is super-admin. He gets angry over nothing, attacks on some users, swears heavily and bounce or bans them. Everyone is unhappy about his behaviour; a user even in Germany has lodged a defamation complain against him to the police...

Paltalk / I am complaining about bully and exposure of private information

Sep 11, 2017

On Saturday, September 9 at around 9:30 pm, I was in Qolka Somaliland Social DailyNews, owned by Zuhayb, and uses the nickname Mr Guleed. The following people, have been bullying me, and claiming that I am a lesbian and furthermore, exposing my husbands name. Dheeman Luul claimed I was a...

Paltalk / unresponsive to requests to remove intrusive icon

Aug 16, 2017

Paltalk support leaves much to be desired. I contacted them through the online support chat (usually unattended), twitter, and FB. Eventually, I got a "live" person on chat who really had no clue about how to resolve my issue. I suddenly had a flame-like icon attached to my profile pic. In...

Paltalk / child abuse

Jul 11, 2017

A member of the room Library of Ratt abuses her daughter on cam for the amusement of others. If this room is not taken down beware to face the full wrath of the NSA, because as I'm sure you know it wasn't too long ago you where under investigation. You support child abuse? Child porn? Good...

Paltalk / someone hacking into my room on paltalk

Apr 06, 2017

Someone is hacking into my room, under one of my admins name . I have been told this by the person that is doing it . There name ID is tweety_1965 and has many ID's . They been deleting all songs off media pal and they clear the ban list. This is why we need our room codes back due to thi...

Paltalk / religious discrimination, racial discrimination, and denial opportunity to lodge a complaint.

Mar 18, 2017

On this day, 3, 18, 2017, I dealt with several of the staff at PAL TALK regarding an incident that had taken place soon after I became a member. I set My profile up and in doing so provided PAL TALK with all of My contact information and personal information. Later, I was in a chat room...

Paltalk / what a scam!!

Oct 13, 2016

Terrible service! I would not recommend Paltalk to anyone! I paid for a year membership and then they blocked my account for no reason. When I contacted Paltalk customer service they said that some users complaint about me so they had no other choice. I asked them to explain in detail... / I cannot use the programme

Apr 02, 2016

Hi I was on pal talk and it booted me 6 times then I noticed my profile had gone completely pictures everything I have paid for a green nick name and expected better I spoke to pal they just said issues I have now tried to download the programme again cant connect to its server

Paltalk / take action against them

Oct 05, 2015

I am an online chatting addicted. I have been chatting online for 15 years. Recently I had an issue with an paltalk staff, he is just a palhelp doesn't have much power. He with his co-admin banned me from paltalk for nothing. I am complaining because I paid $700 for a paltalk room and they... / the rep banned me and didn't provide appropriate advices

Jul 25, 2015

I used the website, because my colleague used this website all the time and he told me that it would be easy to communicate. After I paid for the year membership, there was one problem. But the admin refused to help me and banned me. I emailed another guy, who told me that...

Paltalk / harassment

Mar 27, 2013

I am being harassed by a person on Paltalk. The person has hacked into my computer and the computer of my friend and threatens that if i do not do as he wishes then he will crash both of our computers and cellular phones. His screen name is redneck_4 and is supposedly 21 years old. i am 16... / predatory internet chat provider

Dec 02, 2012

Predatory internet chat provider. The site uses less than honorable tactics to "push" users to purchase their product. While they offer "FREE" use they do not tell you the free use can DAMAGE your PC. They artfully claim they know nothing of this. They do this by selling advertising space...

Paltalk / violation of privacy

Jan 07, 2012

PalTalk is very weak in their enforcement policy against people who divulge other individuals personal information. I wonder if the legal staff of PalTalk is aware of how lax they are in enforcing their Terms Of Service. I know that in the past there have been instances of online stalker...

Paltalk / security, atacks, threats

Aug 06, 2011

Paltalk picture with a smiling ello... Hmmm... In my 4 years as a red administrator, much unknown as to others, including "friends and associates etc".. Thankfuly, they knew me not... Surfice to say, the inocent "wise" pple are targeted by some many dogs there, who pop in to say hello to... / bad management

Apr 06, 2011 This is a popular chat site. I used to use it alot more than i currently do. I used to think people in online chat rooms were smarter than me and that i could learn something from them. I have since learned the error of my judgment. If you have never been to paltalk, please dont...

Paltalk Scene / hacking/acquiring personal information/threats


In recent weeks, this chat program has been hacked and attacked from overseas as well as within the American continent. Viruses, Spyware has been noticed on people's computers from this program - in which they tell you to download their latest version and all will be fixed. In doing...

Paltalk / unwanted self promotion


I am being plagued with the Paltalk promotion box "Visit us at Paltalk" so I deleted the program, but some files would not go. Despite this deletion the promotions are still coming, and occur even a few seconds apart. I cannot proceed with my computer work until I click the "OK" tab on the...

Paltalk / awful company


I was scanning my computer and found some spywere and wanted to change my password but i made this account when i was like 13 they told me to go to an room with 6 people in it but it was full and it kept saying that they wanted me to pay to go to the room when all i wanted to do is change my password. Paltalk has also gave me vundo an Trojan.