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My Prime nickname is ban without reason!!

To whom it may concern.

My nickname is not involved in any activities which cause me the ban.

For one week my prime nickname which I have this nick for 4 years its ban. I am tired of sending emails and asking for unban. it misunderstands that this is a ban.

I have expended 2000 Euro in the last 4 years.
I am white list in Paltalk, I expend every month money, and how can I give up on my ID which is everything to me and I never changed my ID.
I am getting an answer that I did something wrong it causes me the ban . and I have answer 100 times I am not involved,

no one listens and helping me out, its like a personal treatment to me

I need your inquire to resolved kindly this issue, please. Thank you


paltalk popups

These popups began about 3 weeks ago. I complained to PalTalk support, and they stopped for about a week. I have had 5 or more conversations with your tech support, and each tech seems to want to tell me how to uninstall the app. The app is NOT on my computer.

I have had 7 popups in the last 15 hours that I was able to screenshot capture. I missed at least that many.

paltalk popups

user morisca

Hi, i have a request on a Romanian room, one user copes personal photos and uses them repetadly in order to denigrate me and more users threaning to modify the pictures and post them on internet please take action againts this user . his nick name is morisca and it is abaout a Romanian room . this user har been restricted acces to the room that i am admin, but has acces to several sources that can enter ther room without being detected. thank you

an admin that is rude and letting this get to her head.

There is an adminn name cherylouise room nude men wanking... That I want to take issue with. I told a joke to her about a month ago thatwas how do you know a woman masturbates and then said look for the clean finger nails and she all of a sudden said she was going to block me and suggest to others to doo same and she did block me so today I saw whe was on I said to her merry christmas cheryl and how about giving me a christmas present and unblockme and she said lolm [censored] you and the horse you ride and try again mother [censored]er in about a year and said you are now banned. I didnt cfuss this she did and she used this language to say so and ii am a 78 yr old man who had a business that you dont cuss at the customers ever for any reason but then I whispered to a guy and he told me she is letting that admin thing get her head for sheis knda new at this I think. Any way just paid $59.00 twice (2 name registered) and if I couldget it back and quit this room and paltalk I would but that ccant be done I found out. I wish I had e mail for nelly for I would send this to him. (owner of the room). So I havenever been bad nor do I wish to offend anyone.. Thanks for reading and no I dont expect there will be anything done about this. But I feel better myself... Jerry gooding

chat room

I was a member of a Pal Talk chatroom Nits and Wits until this fall. The reason I left was because a mentally challenged/mentally ill woman was convinced by women in the chatroom to give up her 'pretend boyfriend' and join online dating sites. She also had heart disease and high blood pressure, but because she lied so much about her 'boyfriend' the women didn't believe her. She was living with her mother who made sure she took her medication and got her to the ER when she was in trouble.
Once she put her name on the dating sites she got plenty of responses because she just received a settlement from a law suit. In less than a month she moved out of mother's house and in with a man she hardly knew, in a neighboring state. Within a month of doing that she was dead. She stopped taking her medication. And now months after she died, they are still making fun of her.
My desired resolution is to see Pal Talk shut the room down.

  • Cr
    crazymike59 Mar 15, 2020

    this dagnee is completely unstable pal talk no one is making fun of this woman that passed on even if this lady did pass on we just dont know but we do know dagnee smokes marijaunia and takes care of the elderly

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  • In
    innOcent_almOst Mar 15, 2020

    the real reason she left paltalk she was in love and from her mom non of her heart meds were never taken had nothing to do with nits and wits are any one there, it came from her mom she NEVER TOOK HER MEDICATIONS even when she lived at home.

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customize nickname feature

I can no longer customize the name of a contact in paltalk version Paltalk GA GA
Please help
Paltalk has a long history of being able to edit a person's nick so you know who you are talking to. This new version does not allow for nick customization and is frustrating when you meet someone new and you can't edit their nick so you remember their name.

I am complaining about a member on paltalk

On November 4, 2019, at about 12:30 am a user of paltalk that has the nickname firefishter_8 has exposed himself on a video call after I had said no to doing any sexual activities with him. He had asked for my age and gender. Then he asked if I had a camera, when he asked that I got suspicious and I knew he might have wanted to do something sexual. So I told him in advance that I didn't want to do anything sexual. He then called me and turned on his camera while being nude and he was masturbating. I ended the call and he proceeded to ask me if he could show me himself making himself orgasm. I rejected his offer and he told me that he looks for females to expose himself to. He also confessed to exposing himself to a minor, a 13-year-old female.

I am complaining about a member on paltalk
I am complaining about a member on paltalk
I am complaining about a member on paltalk

My personal information has been publicized and my family is being stalked by chatters. My arrest record has been posted in every room. is national security threat and as American citizens we should be protected and the laws should be upheld. Permitting the lawlessness will only lead to security breeches and our demise. Threatening the lives of American citizens and stalking is illegal and punishable by law in America. We need online police to govern the interactions of social media.

paltalk user

Hello, i'm sending this to you in the hopes of getting some kind of assistance. I'm a regular on your chat service, and i must be honest, i use to enjoy it. My problem is with another guy that uses your site. I only know him as Don, but his username on this site is bad_to_the_bone78. I own a chatroom on your site and because i don't put it by my name, he tells me it's hidden in the "gay" section. This guy has been verbally attacking me by calling me gay, sissy, He had a status by his username that said "let me when child molester charlie moyer comes on. This man has been slandering me, he's been deflamating me and he's been been committing character assassination against me, and has been allowed to get away with it. I'm not a child molester, i'm totally against that and resent what this guy has been saying and doing to and about me. What i'd be interested in knowing, is if there's anything at all that can be done about this. I took it to your red hats, and all they tell me was to look for another room. Problem is this wasn't done in a room, it was done by way of instant messaging. I'm even thinking of leaving pal talk because of this guy. I would be so very grateful if you could assist me in any way with this matter. Thank you so very much for a minute of your time, as i do understand your very busy.
Charlie moyer

breaking tos

IN the social issues section sub cat human rights..there are a few people who open up rooms about paid nic names...they never have anyone in them but the admin and the room title...

the flirting zone

Complaint/Complaints concerning The Flirting Zone

Date of the most currant incident 1/30/2019
I have a copy of the room script from yesterday events if need be.

I have been on Pal talk since it first began. I have been a room member, a super admin, and regular admin in the past. Recently I was an admin in The Flirtzing Zone. Because I was unable witnessing the unfairness with the treatment, dots, and bounces of room members I went to rumman a co-owner several times about how people are being poorly mistreated by admin. I could not go to Mis_Isabella as she likes few and if you are not part of her click she's a horrible piece of work and sicks her @ pals on you to mess with you, they basically do her dirty work in the room for her. When I went rumman he got angry when I mentioned one of his admin friends doing these very things as well as in admin whisper being horrible about others in the room both about admin and room members. He got angry I brought anything to him, he bounced me and removed my admin status. One should be able to go to someone above when the room is operating wrong and people are being unfairly unwarranted dotted and bounced. I don't know who this complaint of mine will reach to be looked into but I would prefer it not be the red @ FL_Doug, or Gary as two admin in The Flirting Zone Cindy and Megan have made it publicly clear the room that these red @'s and others are in their pocket like puppets. Megan went to one of them, lied on me and had him come into The Flirting Zone to scold me when I had done nothing to Megan or to anyone accept for disagree on the unfair treatment of a room member originally the conversation was in admin whisper then she took into the public room and called me names. No one did anything, yet I was the one she brought her red @ boyfriend in at me? @Megan @Cindy @Mis_Isabella @Cinderella @rumman co-owner @waitingtobeloved @Mickie N the Music and the list of bad admin goes on and on. No one ever cleans up the room for long admins are warned by other friend red admin and for a second or two the room runs without people being verbally mistreated unfairly dotted and unjustly bounced then it all resumes after a few days. The click of admin gang up on people abuse them with their @'s and ruin the room almost upon entry when they arrive. I tried so many times to try to get Ugly FatNPoor to fix his room and have his admin be fair and apply the same rules fairly for all including the ones Admin are to follow along side the room members. Ugly FatNPoor has been again away leaving the room in the hands of Mis_Isabella and bully crew and in rummans hands. The owner / co-owners don't even agree or speak to one another when making admin choices or about the room rules in general. Mis_Isabella runs the room with her @people her way and then enters rumman who runs the room with those he's made @'s his way. It's very confusing for the room members. One minute what they may say is ok the next hours later they may say the same thing again and be dotted or bounced for it. There is no construction in the room not with the chosen Admins and definitely not with the ones in charge. I knew by going to rumman to help get things right he would do as he did to me but at least I tried so the loss of my admin status was worth trying. I just got fed up watching the room members and other fellow good admin be abused. I remained going to the room as I am liked by many and I like many there. The constant abuse I endure just to be in there to visit with friends and have some laughs and listen to music is wrong. It does not just happen to me it happens daily and constantly to a lot and often. It's corrupt and the only ones who can fix it wont. So finally after years of trying I am here sadly in this window typing this message. Paltalk desperately needs to fix The Flirting Zone it's got wonderful potential if it were ran fairly and properly. Dots and Bounces shouldn't be handed out and laughed about and commented on in the public room as a form of bullying people that aren't deserving of it. I do hope someone above in Paltalk will really do something as something seriously needs to be done. Reds show up sit a second and off they go, they may warn or say what to whom ever but it's not changing anything or helping the room balance. I am not sure what PalTalk can do I just hope it is something. People do not pay for their accounts to be abused to chat because of a clicky group of corrupt foul admin think it's funny to do and mistreat others. Any one who disagrees with the group of Admin running the show in The Flirting Zone are publicly lied about out in the room so it appears the person or people are doing wrong when in fact it's the opposite the person or people did nothing wrong. It's an image power tripping game and a terrible one in there. I hope someone with Paltalk will actually finally do something to sort this room out.
Thank you for your time
Rhonda Thomas

  • Oh
    oh my guru Jul 31, 2019

    THIS ROOM IS POWER TRIPING WE COMES ONLINE FOR FUN CHAT AND MUSIC BUT TODAY ONE RED ADMIN BOUNCED ME WHILE I WAS ON MIC PLAYING MY MUSIC ON MY TURN SUDDEN AND BOUNCED, DONT KNOW WT HAPPEND WHILE SOME ADMINS INCLUDING Diddle dram dale, is mess few others like clickclickboom_1 few others i can name but not yet but how today red admin bounced me his nic is Doug PGN(Pal-editor) this person bounced we dont know why we are paying so much for colour virtual gifts i paid many 100 dollars here not for this insult can u help me to where i complaint this

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scammer who uses paltalk to find victims

I'm a state of Oregon employed caregiver for Developmentally disabled adults. One of my clients is a regular user on your platform. About a month ago he'd began to chat...

prime subscription

on your website I tried to upgrade my subscription
for vip if I pay monthly it is 19.95 if I pay for a whole year it is 8.99 and on top of that said you save 45% and no issues here..

when you go to prime, monthly price is 39.35 and on top it said 6 month subscription is 29.99 and it said you save 75%. it could be 75% if you were selling for 1 year but you don't.
so how it could be a 75% save for us while the total is just 25%.
this is a wrong doing toward consumers via fake advertising.

prime subscription

[Resolved] a room entitled by my pal talk nickname for short itsnotfor which I find it very abusive and racist

A paltalk user called jonnykzj keeps on slandering and stalking me, ItsNotForYouToKnowAboutMe, with his room title ItsNot Gypsy Heretic slanders jonnykzj. The guy has serious and severe mental issues, and he keeps on calling different people bad names with his room title. I am not the only one who is slandered and stalked, there was also Lucca 22, WithintheTruth and many others as well. I require for his room to be shut down or his account to be checked and closed, since he is a paltalk abuser as well as Harsh-Life with his room abusive titles. Thank you so much for all.

My best regards,

  • Updated by kianara · Nov 11, 2018

    There is a paltalk user called jonnykzj from Pakistan who keeps on calling me bad names such as a gypsy and a heretic, when as a matter of fact, the gypsies are from Pakistan and India, and he is a heretic, not even a Christian as he calls himself lying to others. He also slanders, stalks and backstabs others with his room title, others like Lucca 22, redah1967, etc. There is another user like him Harsh-Life who keeps on bashing and trashing other paltalk users in Social Issues category, Human Rights section. I require for both of their accounts to be closely checked and closed, as well as their rooms to be shut down, since they have no real life, but spreading false information, gossip, hatred towards the Jews, Zionists, being anti-Semits, racists and instigating to discrimination, racism, antisemitism, hatred.

    Thank you in advance for everything.

  • Resolution Statement

    not resolved


a memeber malcolm kemp mr_jollie is a sexafender hes been bullying me ive been defending my self over his drama in a room he has illigally banned me cause he dont want woman in...

about a user in bangladesh category

An admin named nice_boy_34 from Yahoo-Group Bangladesh Category abuses girls/ women sexually by creating several dirty rooms. Usually he offers live video sex to the girls/women. If they do not accept his dirty proposal, he abuses and threatens those girls/women in the rooms. If the victims block him, he takes revenge by creating another nick name and abuses sexually the victims again. He is banned from several rooms for his notorious reputation. The (owner) of Yahoo-Group has been informed by several victims, but he didn't take any action, rather he told us that he has also been threatened by his own room admin, but he doesn't expressly say anything regarding his room admin to anyone. This pervert resides in Saudi Arabia. We all want to ban his IP address and all devices so that he wouldn't do any harm to us in the future. His multiple nicks are- iiYii_Niceboy_iiYii, nice_boy_34, 143_ _, 143_ _A, 5-55-, ice_143, keno_keno, ojana_, pakhi_o, 0nl1n3, science_of_destruction_1. I've uploaded two snap shots of his dirty rooms so that you can see his heinous activities and keep our request to ban his internet protocol address and all devices from Paltalk. We want peace.

about a user in bangladesh category
about a user in bangladesh category

about a user

73449 An admin named nice_boy_34 from YAHU Group Bangladesh Category abuses girls/ women sexually by creating several dirty rooms. Usually he offers live video sex to the girls/women...

being locked out of my account because their server screwed up.

I was in a friends room. Suddenly everyone began having viewing others cams problems. Most of us logged out - I tried logging in and it errored out. I tried a few times - then I got a message I'm locked out of rooms. How can you lock a user out of a room when the server messed up and prevented most from reentering? Now I can't go into any room indefinitely and no way to reach them via web. I want my account restored or I want my money back on the remaining part of my green subscription.

hackers cyber criminals death threats

This is an ongoing thing now at this moment I have some real voice recording of them as they sit and type away. I found out i could hear them to after they'd hacked me to ease drop drop on me it was dumb luck but I have real voice recordings and little bits of other info I need turned over to the right people before they do anything else cause they can't hack this info away it will have to be pried from my cold dead hand come get it you pos sob hacker scumbags im almost dead already so I care not what they do to me my concerns lay with the next unsuspecting fool who thinks there's nothing for anyone to hack that you have trust me they don't care a dime a dollar it doesn't matter it could just be for entertainment to ridicule you put you down or make you feel like your going crazy they will push you till there is no more you and if you don't know they're doing it i can see how it could drive a person insane like i said dumb luck is how i caught them doing it to me I doubt the FBI or CIA does anything cause just maybe some of them do their dirt idk but im ready to dish some dirt on them and im more then willing to give what's left of my life to destroy them ill even settle for a hand full of them or even one and. I know what they'd do to me and if i find anyone of them I'll dann sure do that to them RIP you pos sob Cobra Elite I thinks their name there is a page set up with their real pics and user names but becarful no one is ever who they seem to be
Oh and facebook is where i noticed they take your photos and info and become you in other places they also want can footage of you sitting at pc or doing anything and to record your voice they use voice mixer and face filters and they can become you or anyone else they have records on . Who do you think they do this for or why are they aloud such freedoms to harrass anyone they choose ? Hmmm sounds like they are someone's lap dog or a dirty right hand maybe I have no doubt this won't be seen every time I put videos or anything about them on the net it's gone instantly or my pc phone or whatever crashes if by chance it does plz spread the word .they already know me and I know someone has to come get this info so my name info and every shred of privacy I ever had is long gone so yeah the fat crippled guy in north Alabama Honky33. Brad Chabaud is still here waiting on someone anyone to either help or kill me but I won't go away

paltalk chat rooms

there is a chatroom in paltalks human rights section called Christian, Muslim, Jewish Discussion the admins of this room are violating paltalks terms of service by not enforcing...

complaint about our upgraded room being hacked over and over and nothing is being done

Hi ;I am a Admin of Maroc Majalis Al Fikr Room we have been having serious problems with our room in Paltalk : it has been hacked many many time knowing that we have been very...

death threats

73449 this person named FeriyaaL has made multiple accounts and began stalking me to my room and many other rooms and saying they are going to find me and murder me, they have my...

I am complain against two users and their room called "fcuk and forget"

du_maurier and his brother jezz_ opened a secret room few years ago. Their room's activities are very much devastating. They show adult contents video, naked body, live video sex chats of the Bangladeshi category users without their consent. One of the users has already suicided for their dirty activities. All the time they threat and blackmail innocent users. They also demand money. du_maurier lives in Bangladesh and his brother lives in Abu Dhabi. They both do these pitiful activities for financial gains. Please do something against them.

  • Je
    jerry gooding Dec 20, 2019

    there is an adminn name cherylouise room nude men wanking... that i want to take issue with. i told a joke to her about a month ago thatwas how do you know a woman masturbates and then said look for the clean finger nails and she all of a sudden said she was going to block me and suggest to others to doo same and she did block me so today i saw whe was on i said to her merry christmas cheryl and how about giving me a christmas present and unblockme and she SAID lolm fuck you and the horse you ride and try again mother fucker in about a year and said you are now banned. i didnt cfuss this she did and she used this language to say so and ii am a 78 yr old man who had a business that you dont cuss at the customers ever for any reason but then i whispered to a guy and he told me she is letting that admin thing get her head for sheis knda new at this i think. any way just paid $59.00 twice (2 name registered) and if i couldget it back and quit this room and paltalk i would but that ccant be done i found out. i wish i had e mail for nelly for i would send this to him. (owner of the room) . so i havenever been bad nor do i wish to offend anyone.. thanks for reading and NO i dont expect there will be anything done about this. but i feel better myself... jerry gooding

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please stop cyber bullying

Dear Paltalk, please look into nickname behnam_108 . He opens room for other people wife and expose private life and information . This is very bad because it encourages rape and violence and this allows other people to do the same. We believe Paltalk should be a safe place to chat and have fun time . We ask Paltalk to Please stop this cyber bullying. Thank you.

  • Ed
    Ed Rohlf Aug 01, 2019

    Dear PalTalk,

    My girlfriend and I are continually being harassed by Alan aka smoke_slave, and I cannot find ANYONE willing to deal with him and/or ban him from PalTalk for LIFE!!! I am just posting this now in order to document the type of things he has been sending to me so that when he escalates these personal attacks, at least SOMEONE will know I TRIED to have this matter RESOLVED!!!

    Thank you,

    Alex Quebec
    ========== Jul 14 10:59 AM ==========proper
    Alex Quebec: Yes, Angel and I are getting married.
    smoke_slave: thats great you a lucky guy
    smoke_slave: cong
    smoke_slave: be good to her
    smoke_slave: shes a great women
    ========== Jul 25 09:33 PM ==========
    Alex Quebec: FYI Doris and I are getting MARRIED!!!
    Alex Quebec: Any helpful hints?
    ========== Jul 30 01:04 PM ==========
    smoke_slave: HEY
    smoke_slave: answerme
    Alex Quebec: what up?
    smoke_slave: banning her and alll
    smoke_slave: you a big ASS HOLE
    smoke_slave: SHE A BEAUTIFUL WOMEN
    smoke_slave: YOUR A JERK OFF
    moke_slave: whats wrong with you
    smoke_slave: YOU DONT DESERVE HER
    smoke_slave: SHES TO GOOD FOR YOU
    smoke_slave: JERK OFFFF
    Alex Quebec: What do I have to say?
    smoke_slave: YOU TELL ME
    Alex Quebec: WHat do you want to hear?
    smoke_slave: DORIS IS DONE WITH YOU
    smoke_slave: WHY U BAN HER
    Alex Quebec: Oh you think?
    Alex Quebec: And?
    smoke_slave: WHAT A JERK U R
    Alex Quebec: Because room obviously upset her so I banned her so she wouldn't get hurt any more about what people say in room. It was for her own good.
    smoke_slave: YA RIGHT
    Alex Quebec: Just as unfriending Y(U was for my own good. You are a liar and a cheat and Doris KNOWS it!!!
    smoke_slave: IM A LIER
    smoke_slave: YUR SAYING
    Alex Quebec: As you and she wish.
    smoke_slave: I AINT NO LIER I DONT LIE
    smoke_slave: WE WILL WITH OUT U AROUND
    Alex Quebec: No, you are so SINGLE!!! (NOT)
    Alex Quebec: LIER
    Alex Quebec: Yu are married and you LIED to DORIS.
    Alex Quebec: Anything ELSE before I go take a SMOKE_SLAVE?
    Alex Quebec: tic toc
    Alex Quebec: tic toc

    ========== Aug 01 04:17 PM ==========
    smoke_slave: ASS HOLE
    smoke_slave: LEAVE HER ALONE
    smoke_slave: ALONE

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  • Pa
    Patricia Petersen Sep 30, 2019

    i am tried of cyberbulling, ppl are mean and things many can't work and they told me in Lamb of God room i was lazy and a bum just wanted to live off the taxi money thats not true i was born sick they are just mean ppl have told me if i dont like being attacked to leave paltalk they have said things like i am gald u have nobabies u are to ugly to have a baby gald all your babies are dead

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I have been a past customer, but decided to give Paltalk another try by simply signing up for ONE month. After great disappointment with your software, I choose to NOT renew my...

a rapist user exist in paltalk


In the last few days at the end of January 2017 and early Feb 2018, The user called "MonkeyBalls22" enters some G and R rated rooms and types some awful texts and leaves immediately. Specifically, he has frequently written on the floor of most Persian rooms in Paltalk including "Iran Ende Khande", "IranEmsal", "Iran Best Friend" "Iran Rofagha" that when he was an Israeli soldier, he raped over 40 Palestinian girls. I request Paltalk to investigate this user and ban him. Pls find the attached for the picture. I've taken a picture of one of such text.

Thank you,


a rapist user exist in paltalk


The user "Behnam_108" in Paltalk in the room called Emsal is super-admin. He gets angry over nothing, attacks on some users, swears heavily and bounce or bans them. Everyone is unhappy about his behaviour; a user even in Germany has lodged a defamation complain against him to the police. He accused of some crimes and banned me from the room over some normal conversation which he didn't like. He manipulates users and plays games and tries to sow some discords among users and makes them fight for him. This room is like a warzone when he is admin. He lies, distorts information and facts about the users and accuses them and says vilest things they have ever heard in their lives. I requested the paltalk to ban him from the platform. This guy singlehandedly making Paltalk Persian rooms look bad. Most users hate him but are hopeless what to do. paltalk hasn't taken any heed and this band this vile user continues to access the platform for his sick misuses.

Thank you,
Piruz and others

I am complaining about bully and exposure of private information

On Saturday, September 9 at around 9:30 pm, I was in Qolka Somaliland Social DailyNews, owned by Zuhayb, and uses the nickname Mr Guleed. The following people, have been bullying me, and claiming that I am a lesbian and furthermore, exposing my husbands name. Dheeman Luul claimed I was a lesbian, and have been for sometime. and furthermore Farhaad, also said even more segregating and demeaning things and validating what Dheeman Luul was saying, and mentions my husbands name. This from of bullying constantly, happens in the Somali rooms. However, this level of cyber bullying is wrong. I would like for these people to understand they cannot do as they please without consequesnces. Thank you for your time.

Nickname I use: Nayanka

unresponsive to requests to remove intrusive icon

Paltalk support leaves much to be desired. I contacted them through the online support chat (usually unattended), twitter, and FB. Eventually, I got a "live" person on chat who really had no clue about how to resolve my issue.

I suddenly had a flame-like icon attached to my profile pic. In the room I use for a language group, it interferes with how I (and others) appear in the roster and makes it challenging for the moderator to manage the group.

This should not be put on without an option to remove it or any notice of what it is. I can find no documentation on the web site. Any interest I had to upgrade my account is gone, since they have such abysmal customer service.

unresponsive to requests to remove intrusive icon

child abuse

A member of the room Library of Ratt abuses her daughter on cam for the amusement of others. If this room is not taken down beware to face the full wrath of the NSA, because as I'm sure you know it wasn't too long ago you where under investigation. You support child abuse? Child porn? Good to know, because I surely can with this case. I have screen shots.

someone hacking into my room on paltalk

Someone is hacking into my room, under one of my admins name . I have been told this by the person that is doing it . There name ID is tweety_1965 and has many ID's . They been...

religious discrimination, racial discrimination, and denial opportunity to lodge a complaint.

On this day, 3, 18, 2017, I dealt with several of the staff at PAL TALK regarding an incident that had taken place soon after I became a member. I set My profile up and in doing...

what a scam!!

Terrible service! I would not recommend Paltalk to anyone! I paid for a year membership and then they blocked my account for no reason. When I contacted Paltalk customer service they said that some users complaint about me so they had no other choice. I asked them to explain in details what did I do and who said something about me, but they said that they were not able to tell that. Anyways, there was nothing I could do, so I asked for a refund. Paid for one year, used Paltalk for two months and got blocked. They said that they don't do refunds!! What a scam!!

  • An
    Angelina-Gotes Dec 20, 2016

    I agree with you, terrible customer service. They let you pay and then they kick you out of the program. Their software is not even safe. Some hackers could easily hack you, and send you spam. I don't recommend it to anyone.

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Hi I was on pal talk and it booted me 6 times then I noticed my profile had gone completely pictures everything I have paid for a green nick name and expected better I spoke to...

take action against them

I am an online chatting addicted. I have been chatting online for 15 years. Recently I had an issue with an paltalk staff, he is just a palhelp doesn't have much power. He with...

www.paltalk.comthe rep banned me and didn't provide appropriate advices

I used the website, because my colleague used this website all the time and he told me that it would be easy to communicate. After I paid for the year membership, there was one problem. But the admin refused to help me and banned me. I emailed another guy, who told me that I needed to reinstall the program, but I would lose the membership. I paid for the year in advance and they refused to restore the membership if I did the reinstallation. I don’t think that it is fair.


I am being harassed by a person on Paltalk. The person has hacked into my computer and the computer of my friend and threatens that if i do not do as he wishes then he will crash...

paltalk.compredatory internet chat provider

Predatory internet chat provider. The site uses less than honorable tactics to "push" users to purchase their product. While they offer "FREE" use they do not tell you the free use can DAMAGE your PC. They artfully claim they know nothing of this. They do this by selling advertising space on the "FREE" accounts to advertisers that send all types of virus and homepage hijackers, web pop-ups and anything else they can slide through the ads. When a customer does get caught in the nest of ad viruses and such and complains to Paltalk, they simply claim they have no control and to stop this you should simply purchase a paid account to stop the ads. Another issue is that in 2 instances the same advertisers have accessed Paltalk's servers and financial information and billed my bank account for bogus charges and products. Paltalk of course swears they had nothing to do with this but it is their advertiser and always seemed to happen at the same time they billed for a product. When these occurrences happen Paltalk also mysteriously has to shut down for "server maintenance" or some other bogus reason. In short they have to figure out how to get the advertisers out of their servers... BEWARE while this service can work fine it will only be a matter of time before they are targeted by professional hackers and true damage besides, annoying viruses etc, are passed to the end user.

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    sina90s Oct 25, 2008

    my ip adres is not connect to

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violation of privacy

PalTalk is very weak in their enforcement policy against people who divulge other individuals personal information. I wonder if the legal staff of PalTalk is aware of how lax they are in enforcing their Terms Of Service. I know that in the past there have been instances of online stalkers (not necessarily on PalTalk) who physically showed up at peoples addresses to harass them; so I wonder why the administrative staff at PalTalk is so tolerant of individuals who use PalTalk as a platform to harass people and distribute their personal information. My concern is that if anyone were to use this information to harm someone PalTalk would be in some way legally responsible. I hope this complaint will serve as notice to PalTalk that this activity is taking place.

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    mohamed rahe Mar 07, 2012

    Paltalk has two system of charging its customers. A legetamete one which is legal, and illegitamate charges which is based on extortion. Some employee of paltalk have started running their own business by extortin. They use intimidation and harassments to get extra money from paltalk customers specially Africans. They sale existing nicknames without the company knowledge. These employee have more power to heart the customers and damage the company, s repuatation.

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security, atacks, threats

Paltalk picture with a smiling ello... Hmmm...
In my 4 years as a red administrator, much unknown as to others, including "friends and associates etc".. Thankfuly, they knew me not...
Surfice to say, the inocent "wise" pple are targeted by some many dogs there, who pop in to say hello to their best red hatted admins... And then, use their ways as to gain all informations, as to attack attack and atack...

Be aware of insitive g rated rooms also.. As frankly, many, are actualy islamic believing (very extremistical) pples...
Drug dealing international agents looking for others to join the pack...
Red administrators, very very paly, with "troublesome people, out to destroy the inocent pple, who frankly, said no to their personal wants, and frankly, will not accept no"...
Then will go to the next un suspectong inocents, and cause one to go against the next...
As well as having the oddasity, as to re contact the first person...
Simply, causing continiual harasments...
Yes, this I have seen... On may many occasions...

* be warned... Be very warned and worried for your youngster who may percieve such site be of safety... *

Some rooms will grantate you a administrating status... Only to manipulate you, and if you dont play the game, evict you, and have all monor of "people you know not of" come along as to destroy your inocent attitude and mock you, untill your out of pal, for good...
And I mean, many of theses people, are actulay red administrators.. And are rather friendly, with passing on the how to's, to their requesting "freinds"... Be aware, for your kids sakes please.. Be aware *

Many many, cammed up pples, are actualy, not them... How??? Well frankly, some pple, split cam via a program, someone else in a room, and implying, that they, are them... Etc etc etc... Be aware yet again...

Yes, a good thing to say, here is as it is... > there are many many many beautiful souls on pal, ever so true and decent... This, I found to be honoured as to get to know of... A blessing in truth...

If, this as said thus far, has not defered you away, and grab your children, way away from this disgraceful chat site... Then, im not explaining it clearly, or maybe, you frankly, dont understand me...
Simply put, extremely "were out for all youve got", - "were out for all of your details", - "were out for sex, and video it", - "and then post it for all to see if we can get you naked", - "as well as get money out of you if we can",.. Shall I continiue??
Hey, by the way, if you cam up, and theres a dog in the room, watch out, he or she may take your picture, and re use it somewhere else... For some reason or another... So please worried pple.. Be aware, be known to it, and rather, stay away...

Thankfuly there are many decent true and real persons on paltalk... But be aware, fo the known dog counrties, and their peopls and their lies... If you dcide to try pal out, be safe, no phone no's, no email addresses, no equates to no.. Plese,, if you think this heavy,,, then what for the youungsters who are just there saying hello to friends???.. Makes you think, decent grownups, why would a decent grownup be ever so friendly to a new person, maybe 15 years their minor??? Makes you shudder to think???... Cmon pple, wake up, too many agendas, too many questions, 2 many harasings from ple who were continiualy told no??? And yet, rather close and friendly, with red admins???... Watch out for your kids pples... You realy do not know who is who... Make it your business.. Get real, take account of your kids... Keep them out of paltalk. They are not in need of such... They require you, mom and dad.. Simple.
Maybe, your laptop or pc wont get hacked in by peoples with personal agendas against you... Maybe maybe... (but was I in right and them wrong to be against me???.. Yes, I was helping / assisting a person, who was continiualy lied about, harrased, threatened, mentaly tortured... F a c t...).. Dont be foolish and arogant now pple.. You see as I type and see your sights over it yourself... Paltalk has too many people there with agendas and personal mental problem unshown with goals... Frankly put... Be safe and be good and be happy... Stay out and keep your young free from it... Take the initiative, take time with your own children and teenagers, be true, god grace to you, paltalk, is like a vipers site... Its comcon sense realy... Think about it... Dont be ignorant and precieve... You check the kindergarten and workers dont you???... Why therefore alow such a comon sense thought of danger signals go amiss... I adhere to you, decent good soul folks, as a red hated administrator on pal for over 4 years now.. Too many deals to stay on pal with red admin pples.. Too many dangerzone rooms directed to young to enter as to get all informations.. Too many grown up pple, who frankly "couldnt give a damn with attitude to anyone who chalenges them as to say" who are you anyways "< its wrong pples.. Stay out. Dont be a victim of fraud, defenitiona d destroying of character, dont be a vixtim thinking ssuch a place is all good... Its a shame.. Be careful...

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    eyes2see2 Aug 06, 2011


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    celedon Dec 29, 2012

    i am a paltalk subscriber and my friend payed my subxcription just for me to have a blue nic...but after a week or so i cant get in to the site cause id been ban from there...i dont know whats going on...i keep complaining but all im geeting from them is that my ban is not be lifted...i guess i dont do things against the rules...i see how others doing thier especially on adults room...thats why i dont understand why i get ban there...

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    ivebeenthere2 Mar 11, 2014

    be careful of PALTALK. The site is shady, the admins stalk down, people gossip about you and pass your private information around.People pretend to be your friends, ask for your pictures or cam then they shut down their accounts, make NEW ones...and vanish in thin air...!!! not to be seen ever again.

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    stuffed420 Jul 21, 2014

    The folks in the Australian rooms booted me for no reason whatsoever ! They are elitist, bigoted and not very nice. Stay out of the Aussie rooms and I think the ban rule should be in effect but only if it can be PROVED and not because some people are just elitist snobs. The Ban rule should have to go through approval from someone else BEFORE it takes effect. This is the reason why yahoo stop doing chat rooms.

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    CHOW1973 Oct 17, 2014


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    nobuddy Jan 24, 2015

    Geo (co-admin) The God of Paltalk's!
    jason and evan and anne under my controls!

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