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I was scanning my computer and found some spywere and wanted to change my password but i made this account when i was like 13 they told me to go to an room with 6 people in it but it was full and it kept saying that they wanted me to pay to go to the room when all i wanted to do is change my password. Paltalk has also gave me vundo an Trojan.


  • Sh
    shaggysbabygirl Sep 18, 2018

    dustpark011 and dustpark011_1 are making threats to harm me and harassing me what can I do?

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  • Gu
    Guynsac77 Sep 18, 2018

    I was called a spic by the room administrator Maineiac and then immediately had my messages blocked so that I could not respond. This constitutes as racisism and is a violation of federal law.

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  • Pa
    Paul Gibbons Sep 18, 2018

    paltalk is no longer enforcing terms of service in chatrooms now they are like the wild west with daily data protection breaches

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  • Th
    Thu Trieu Oct 21, 2018

    Excuse me, We can't post long paragraph in the room. Please fix them! Thank you!

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  • Ma
    maan12 Oct 23, 2018

    Dear sir
    i am new user of paltalk i like to stay here long but one off your user his name is faizi and also owner of i0i Hum tum i0i room
    He abusing me with out any reason and After that bounce me . i dnt like to stay his room but he insult me to much

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  • Pr
    priyapriyapriya Nov 14, 2018

    Red Admin Kookie has no manners. She doesnt behave like an admin. She doesnt treat people in a nice way and should learn manners

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  • Cl
    Classic 85 News Radio Apr 02, 2019

    Was banned after going to support about copy right violation and trade mark Violation

    WWE ppv
    UFC ppv
    Tna wrestling ppv
    Ring of honor ppv

    Being rebroadcasted and paltalk making profit off selling subscription to watch the event illeagally

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  • Su
    sundown43812 Sep 07, 2019

    you took money from my accountant that you was not authorized to do and come september the 3 2019 i will be fileing fraud charges against paltalk if the money is not put back on my account...i didnot authorized this transaction to be done ...i have notified my bank and i will be working with them on fraud charges...


    gary murray

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  • Pa
    Patricia Petersen Oct 07, 2019

    Lamb God room needs to be dealt with enither it get shout down or i will be going to some laws that room has vebally attack many cyber bully is a crime there sex offerders that go in that room if something is done i will go to the higher ups abuse and attacks will not be allowed i will go to the cops and fbi

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  • Ja
    JasonBstard Nov 20, 2019

    They constaltly acuse me of being a pedophile in a room called random bad karma insults, main admin called chiney and user called !!puma !!, this room should be shut down and not allowed to exist it should be deemed illegal.

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  • El
    Elliotcappie Jan 26, 2020

    Iwant let your know Mugabe a Gmail now
    My old email I'd not work ing anymore
    So here is my new email planetarium
    Elliotcappie [email protected]
    That US ny New Emilio
    Ijust want to let you know have a new emil ok
    You friend

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