Oriental Hair Solutions โ€” hard sell & bad attitude

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On 09/10/2015, I went to Expo as there is a baby fair. I pass by Oriental Hair Solutions(OHS) booth. I bought a $10 voucher from the sale guy, his name is Wayne. Before I bought, he said will help me book an appointment by 13/10/2015 and promise me there will be no hard sell to me. I believed on him. On 12/10/2015, I wait until 6:00p.m., there is no call from OHS to remind me for the appointment. So, I called Hougang Mall branch and ask. There is no appointment been book under my name. Ok, is fined. I book my own. 20/10/2015 7:15p.m., I went to this outlet and use the voucher and service from them. I was brought into the room, filled in all the information and finally they brought me inside the area to start the hair treatment. Everything, run ok until I wash my hair. The consultant said want check my hair scalp before dry the hair. The water are dropped from my hair and wet my shirts and pants! The consultant start to sell me package, she saw that I not intend to buy, said she go out take name card for me, but end up is not (she went out to seek advice) when she back into the room, her hand is empty. She told me she can give me special discount after seeking advice from her manager. After a while, her manager step in. Both of them start to hard sell. I keep told them I don't want. After half an hour (the mall is closing), there is no choice (I can't go out the room), I put a deposit $58 by nets. After that, the consultant just brought me go dry the hair. Until 28/10/2015, I told my sister about this case. My sister help to lodge a complaint to their head office. The person who picked up the phone is Corinne. After that, my sister said they want me to call them (Corinne) and talk to them personally. Ok, I called. We negotiate to meet up at Ngee Ann City outlet next day 7:00p.m.. My sister went together with me. When we reached there, not Corinne come out and talk to us, is Cindy Cheah (branch manager of Hougang Mall). I found I have been cheated as one the person try to hard sell me claimed she is manager. Cindy Cheah said that $58 dollar is a small amount and this is small matter. But it need to charge 10% of the admin fee, need to take 3-4 weeks to process the cheque payment and even want me go down and take the cheque when the cheque is ready. Told me this is big firm policy to charge 10% admin fee and said that cannot simply waive off the 10% as the account will not tally. She does not know both of us are accountant. She still said that I can claim back the same amount but have to within the day. Hello! The mall is closing. And told me that their outlet is open air, I can walk out as I like. Please, my hair is messy, how to walk out! Corinne told my sister that can get refund back within 7-10 days. But Cindy Cheah told us is 3-4 weeks and with 10% deducted as admin fee. And still want me go down take the cheque my own! The most important is she insulted me and my sister. As she knew that we are Malaysian, she said they are not Malaysia company, won't simply winding up. But, she forgot 2 things, OHS have branches in Malaysia and even Four Star travel agency also can winding up within a night!

hard sell & bad attitude


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    fluffy lenny Nov 22, 2017
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    I have a similar bad experience with OHS! Hard selling. Inexperienced staff with poor skills, do not know how to handle hair properly, worse than neighborhood hairdressers. Used too hot water/hair dryer/steamer n scrubbed my hair too hard. Just after 1 session of hair color/treatment, my scalp was injured inflamed damaged. Done my hair so many times for past 20 years at various hair salons, never ever had a bad scalp reaction. Now despite having doctor's letter, they refused to accept responsibility that it is their treatment and products that let to my scalp injury. So super traumatized and upset by this super bad experience.

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  • Je
    JesJes Nov 24, 2018

    Unprofessional and inexperienced consultant (Kemmy) at Causeway Point! Kemmy recommended an ineffective treatment that didnt solve my hair loss problem. Worst still, once the package has been signed, her service turned bad. She was rude and didnt bother to do regular reviews which she promised before the package was signed. Even if offered free service, I wouldnt want to do any hair treatments there :((

    Think twice if you decide to seek treatments at OHS! Dont waste your $$!

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  • Ic
    Icezlyn Dec 10, 2018

    If anyone looking for treatment on hair problems think twice and carefully before sign up for the package. Simply to say, ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿป ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘Ž๐ŸปOriental hair solution, you will regret just like me ๐Ÿ˜ฐ ๐Ÿ˜ฐ๐Ÿ˜ฐ

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  • Wy
    Wyanling Feb 20, 2019

    I am a customer with Jean Yip Group for more than 3 year, for facial and slimming. I was very satisfied with the service and result. BUT RECENTLY, i keep on recieving call from a girl from their sister brand Oriental Hair Solution. This girl here name mandy or bendy i am not sure have been calling me for so many time that i really fed up and complaint to my consultant. And my consultant told me that my contact is confidential so its not possible other brand or department can call me! So i told the girl that call me this, but she answer me in an very annoying tone, aiya nevermind la you just come down la, we same under jean yip one you can come and try ma. Since its free treatment (even after i rejected her offer th previous 2 time she called me) OMG WHY SOUND SO CHEAPSKATE LIKE YOU ALL ARE BEGGING? Free mean i must go down? Im not cheapskate like how you all trying to sell yourself pls

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  • Wy
    Wyanling Feb 20, 2019

    Anyway, My sis in law went one of the oriental outlet at the west and she told me how ineffective the treatment is. She spent over 10k and her hair is still dropping. All the consultant do is find problem on your scalp again and again. And blamming on you not washing clean enough or say because 1 prob havent solve, 2nd prob wont come out so fast. So there will be 2, 2, 3, 4, 5, up to dont know how maby problem. They just suck your money like free. So EVEN IF ITS FREE I ALSO NOT INTRESTED.
    Just sharing and ranting at the same time so ppl wont kena the same thing as me. This is their number, for jean yip customer if you recieve call from this number just block it or dont answer. Lolololol. 6xxxx823

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  • Wy
    Wyanling Feb 20, 2019

    This is the trt my sis in law taken at oriental hair solution. Hust sharing because i find some of the trr out to cheat money one. Only my sis in law naive to believe them. Cleasning treatment 20 treatment for $1, 070, hair growing trt 30 trt for $4, 160.16, detox and kill bacteria (they insist my sis in law scalp got fungal) trt 10 trt for $1, 300, root oil (confirm cheating how is it possible for root to have oil, even have also nature lor) trt 20 trt for $1, 070, collagen and repairing trt 23 trt for $2, 847.16 (you believe then can restore the collagen back? Funny) product for $2, 450 for her to take shampoo and tonic.
    Anyone got Trt with them can share so that i know whether my sis in law is really kena cheat. Then i might go and ask them for an answer.

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  • Li
    liuxin Apr 29, 2020

    I was a client of Oriental Hair Solutions for around three years. As a new client, they convinced me that I had a series scalp problem. Over the first two years I was manipulated into buying products and services that did nothing to address a non-existent scalp problem. Once I started pushing back on spending more money, the pressure placed on me was incredible. Having read through Singapore’s Fair-Trading Act, I believe this business and its practices are in break of clauses 12 and 14 namely:
    12. Taking advantage of a consumer by exerting undue pressure or undue influence on the consumer to enter into a transaction involving goods or services.
    14. Making a representation that appears in an objective form such as an editorial documentary or scientific report when the representation is primarily made to sell goods or services unless the representation states that it is an advert or promotion.
    In addition to the above, the level of customer service is atrocious. Specifically:
    1. Staff stand around chatting while people are waiting. They have been occasions where I am the only person in the salon and I still need to wait.
    2. Your assigned ‘consultant’ only sees you when they want to sell you something.
    3. Consultants and assistants are not well-trained and know more about sales techniques then your hair and scalp. The certificates that they hang in the consulting rooms are for a course that cost $300 online that literally anyone can do. It is worth noting that less than 20% (I’m guessing) of the consultants even meet this minimum requirement.
    4. The hard selling is relentless, and, on some occasions, I’ve had to resort to arguing with the supervisor in front of other clients. In addition to the bullying tactics, other sales techniques include praying on people’s vulnerabilities and using voodoo science to convince you that you will go bald if you do not buy their products and services. The bullying extends to blaming you when you question the effectiveness of the treatments. The hard selling is well coordinated with the assistant reporting an “issue” and then a consultant coming to check and demanding you go to a consulting room. On the occasions I have resisted going to a consulting room, my treatment has stopped, and they won’t finish it until you go into the room. Usually your hair is wet so you can’t just leave. Another technique is talking at you while you are attached to a machine. I have got up and left the consulting room in the middle of a hard sell so from then on they would only talk to me when I’m attached to a machine and cannot escape. One occasion my consultant threw a tantrum when I didn’t buy.
    5. The pricing is inconsistent and opaque. Nothing has a set price and often depends on how hard you resist. I have never paid the same amount twice. One technique they us is to come back and ask for more money because ‘the lab’ is insisting that you buy 20 treatments rather than the 10 you originally singed up for. There is no price list and it is often unclear as to what you have bought.
    6. The contents of the herbal treatments are opaque. I have been given bottles of essence to use at home that have no labels, so I have no idea what is in them.

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  • Di
    Diagusted Aug 29, 2020

    I have been oriental client for nearly 2yrs, and it seem that my hair is still thinning, not much improvwment, but the consultant has made me buy this and that, continuing emphasing that I need this and that so that my hair will not go bald in the end. At times, also selling their special shampoo & tonic. It seem that the consultant only attends to me when she is going to sell me something else she will ask assistant ti attend to me. Really appreciate all the reviews here, think thrice before entering the salon. Don't waste $

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