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Date of Incident: 2/20/2020 (ongoing since Nov 2019)
Account #: [protected]

I ordered service for Cable/Internet last year (2019) in August with a promise of receiving a $200 Amazon gift card from the representative as a promotion they were having at the time. I, later on, decided to call back to ask if adding the phone service would be more of a cost. The Rep asked me to wait so that she can calculate the cost difference. It was more so I told her to forget it that I would keep my original order. There was a mistake by Optimum that caused them to add the phone as part of my order, so I called them back to tell them that they had committed an error so they removed the phone service.

Per the promotion, I made on time payments for 90 days, so I expected to receive the gift card ready to use it for Christmas. I made a phone call on in November 2019 because I didn't receive anything in the mail. Optimum referred me to their card call center [protected]), that they were responsible for the gift cards. They put in a request and told me to call back in 4 weeks if I didn't receive anything. I repeated the calls to the call center on December 27, 2019 and January 13, 2020 with the same results. Today, 2/20/2020, I called the center yet again and they told me to call Optimum because they had overlooked my request which meant that they weren't going to honor the gift card. I called Optimum and spoke to Robert #E130 (his work number he gave me) who proceeded to tell me that it was because I cancelled the phone service and only those that have the triple play would receive the promotion. I tried to explain to him that the Rep offered me the promotion since the beginning when I first ordered for Cable/Internet but he kept arguing with me getting louder and louder. At the end, I felt he was calling me a liar and the conversation had turned heated. He was no longer listening to me but speaking above me. I asked for a Supervisor and was told there weren't any to help me right now.

What annoys me the most is that I just looked up their website and they are offering the same promotion for Cable and Internet (not Triple Play) but instead offering a $100 Amazon gift card instead of the $200 gift card I was promised. I am extremely upset and highly considering contacting the BBB for false advertisement. I honored my side of the promotion by paying my bills on time for 90 days so all I want is for Optimum to honor their side of the promotion and send me the $200 Amazon gift card as promised.

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Apr 30, 2022 9:03 am

Same happened to me. I was promised a total of $300 in a visa gift card..$200 for signing up with Optimum Internet and $100 for signing up with Optimum Mobile. Promised to arrive w/n 3 mos of signing up. After 4 months I received an email saying the card for the internet signup is on the way. Never arrived. No follow up at all on the card for the mobile signup. When i call reps somewhere in Asia they simply say on the way. Clearly a scam. One of the worst and most dishonest companies I’ve ever dealt with.

Mar 17, 2022 3:27 pm
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Same problem with me! I am contacting the BBB and FCC.


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