Ooredooinvoice copy from daniel sathya sheela - civil id no. [protected]

D Jul 04, 2019

Dear sir,

I notice whenever I put 5 kd or 10 KD, my money goes off most of the times without making any calls. It has happend in December 2018 and again in January and again in May/June. Then I have to go to your branch and tell them and they will do something and say it is fine. I notice even without my approval to subscribe, it is subscribed for some fun games or etc. and my money is taken away. I see there is a foul play in this by Ooredoo. If this is not rectified on your system, I will approach regulator in the next time, if it happens.

Mine is only a single case and understand this is an ongoing in Ooredoo phone subscribers.

  • Updated by danielss · Jul 04, 2019

    look forward for sollution

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