Oomacustomer service

C Oct 09, 2019

I returned a unit that I purchased and have documentation of every step of the way of purchasing and return. Ooma has conveniently calibrated all of its means of communication (live chat, telephone etc...) used to locate the clients are based upon the new telephone number that would be associated with your ooma account only after activating your new device. Unfortunately this leaves all buyers who want to return their unit up [censored]e's creek since you cannot activate your device if you don't take it out of the box and they can't find your account information without it. I have spent 3 hours with all my information and documentation and order number and dates and proof of delivery etc... At hand only to have to face snarky representatives in some far off malaysian country who all had the most bizarre and smug humanoid attributes and the poorest listening skills imaginable. No matter what detailed information I gave them they all just kept repeating "um-hum" as if they agreed or understood yet right back to the script they went totally dodging my inquiries. If you want to have a stroke, spend an hour with ooma client care. After multiple attempts and a lot of my time I was able to resolve the issue and promised a refund. I have 3-5 days to see if it materializes. Ma bell, where have you gone? I'd give anything to have my copper landline back again. Globalization is 666.

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