OnStarthey will not refund my money

A Feb 13, 2020 Review updated:

I had free trial of Onstar services. After the trial I called to cancel and the lady kept on and said she would let me have it for 60 more days so I said ok but I don't want to forget to cancel it. She said she would enter my email and assured that they would send a email prior to charging my card. That did not happen so I called once I noticed the charge and they told me they would return the money and it would not happen again. This month I get charged for half the cost of a membership. I call and they say it was for 7 days and understand so they would put in for it to be rejected once it hits the bank. So 3 days later it still is on my account so once again I call and today the lady wouldn't stop talking long enough for me to explain what I was told on Monday she said explained she understood but they will not refund my money like the other Onstar person told me on Monday! It's ridiculous and would never want to have an Onstar service again!


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