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K Jul 29, 2019

I would like to to fomally lodge a complaint with regards to the Omni Grove Park Inn in Ashville NC. This past SAturday 7/27 I am group of friends from Greenville SC, about 15 of us went to the Spa for the day. The spa was wonderful and we had a great experience there. Between all of us we definitely spent over 5, 000 had the resort that day. The problem came at the end of the day when we were getting ready to leave. One of my friends left earlier then the rest of the crew and accidentally left behind her credit card. She called the resort and asked for them to give me permission to pick up the card. The security guard came to the desk with the card, I identified myself gave him the phone number to my friend and asked what needed to be done. His response was that my friend needed to send an email to the lost and found with authorization.
1st problem- the email address was written incorrecly, once we figured that out I forward the email to the correct address which they would not expect because it needs to be the original.
2nd problem- the security guard left me waiting for 20 minutes until I finally asked what the hold up was to be told the security guard took the card and went on lunch. What? You have a customer waiting.
3rd problem- the email to lost and found is internal only, meaning the emails that we were sending could never get to the intended recipient.

I feel like the way the situation was handled was extremely rude and not with card. The manager of the spa did come out to speak to me, but she was defending the security guard and not taking the time to hear my concerns.

Working for a bank I completely understand the risk and the procedures that are in place, but certainly there is no reason to treat me like a thief, leave me waiting, and give me no options. over 15 of us visited the spa and next year we will take our business elsewhere. I am sure there are other businesses that will treat their customers with more care.

Kim Chamberlain

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