Old Republic Home WarrantyThey wont replace ANYTHING!

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I have been dealing with these half wit people for going on 4 YEARS for the same problem. I have MAJOR issues with my AC and Heating. I have called them over and over about the AC in the summer and the heater in the winter. Everytime they send out a DIFFERENT company. Its never the same company so that way they can get another 75.00 service charge because each company has a different diagnosis.Then the company will ask Old Republic to approve the repair and they wont. They approve a half assed repair and then it breaks again. Old Republic is turning a blind eye to a MAJOR issue that they should cover and instead they band-aid it so it works a little while but ends up breaking again. Then the dance starts all over. Call Old Republic, make a claim, send out some guy that cant fix it, call them back, send ANOTHER company, pay again, they cant fix it, etc., etc., etc.

My house needs a NEW AC/Heater. I should have a heat pump...a NEW one. The system in my house is not only too small for my house (per several different repair men that have been out here) but also in the closet UPSIDE DOWN!!!

Now my AC has been out for 7 days. Old Republic was called last week on Wednesday to send someone out to fix it. They informed us that no one could come out til Monday. (Please note the temperature in Oklahoma is averaging 93 degrees daily, Heat index is over 100). The guy came out today, we paid 75.00 for the guy to tell us that the part that was replaced the last time is what is broken again. So he has to submit an approval to Old Republic and then Old Republic has to get the part and send it to him. So on the short end it will be another week with no air I am sure. If they stay true to their ways the part they send will be the wrong one.

I have lived now for almost 8 days with no air in my house. Its cooler outside than it is inside. Old republic will not look back at my history of complaints with them and make good on the warranty they are being paid for.

Im not even going to begin to discuss the issue with the broken waterline Old Republic informed us wasnt covered on our warranty.


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      Aug 11, 2010

    I am having issues with Old Republic CAR insurance. My husband and five year old daughter were in a motor vehicle accident on Tuesday 8/3/10.
    They were very slow to respond- he did not have an answer within 48 hours which by law is the time frame they should have contacted him. He still has not been authorized a rental car- and it has been 7 days. Is this man not supposed to go to work??? Do you think that Old Republic cares- of course they dont. They finally send an adjuster out to look at the car and of course he was given some ridiculous amount to total it out. My husband had this car for 3 weeks before this accident. How in the world does a used vehicle depreciate 4000.00 in 3 weeks??? It is impossible...
    So instead of waiting on these people that could care less about you- I am involving my insurance company- which is totally unfair to us.
    Please keep your trucks off of our roads- if you have no intent of taking care of these accidents then DO NOT DRIVE IN SC...

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  • J
      Nov 24, 2010

    Old Republic has proven itself time and time again to be an unethical and dishonest company. When my heating system stopped working, the company refused to pay and would not give me any documention of why. They sent me only a copy of a page in their brochure. The technician they sent out said my system had become so old that it probably was emitting carbon monoxide and was a severe threat to those in the house. Yet Old Republic refused to help me in any way. I did not break the system, nor was it broken in an accident. Old Republic lied to me over and over and ended up costing me $1, 400 -- the cost to pay to replace the system.
    Old Republic is a horrible company and I advise everyone to stay far away from them.

    jack flanders
    arlington, texas

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  • S
      Jan 06, 2011

    Also i have old republic gap insurance for my auto and they will not pay a penny, these people are a bunch of crooks do not use them shop around..

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