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Last November 2012 I was laid off from my work due to lack of work. I filed for unemployment and was approved to receive benefits, I would receive 400 dollars a week, I elected to have 40 dollars held for taxes. I have had specific health problems for years, I have had a Aortic heart valve replacement, neuropathy, and congestive heart failure. Also I am 57 years old. On [protected] I decided to file gor Social Security Disability, I had tried this before but was denied, in the mean time I continue to seek work and receive unemployment benefits. On [protected] I receive letter from SS that I was eligible for benefits and they will start on [protected]. I still continued to seek employment to fulfill my obligations to unemployment, and if I had found a job, I would have taken it, but believe me there is not many jobs out there for a 57 year old man, with congestive heart failure. But my point here I was fulfilling all of my required obligations to draw unemployment. I honestly did not find anyone that was hireing in my search.. On [protected], I received notice from Ohio Unemployment Compensation that I had committed a non-fraud violation of my unemployment and that I have been denied benefits retro back to [protected], due to the fact that I was physically unable to work do to health reasons and unless I can prove that I can work. The total of this was 11 weeks to repay 4400 dollars. I appealed this with a letter explaining that it is not a matter or not if I was sick, if I had not received the SS benefit, I would still have to work, but I thought in the appeal process, I was to have a phone hearing, this did not happen. I received letter from unemployment, that being I did not prove that I was able to work, my appeal was denied and to pay 4400 dollars, I am just like most people out there, I worked and lived week to week. I have no huge amount of money in the bank or any other retirement plan other than SS, regardless what Ohio Unemployment thinks. I to be honest do not have the money to repay this, I spent the benefit checks for food, medications, and housing.
The complaint here is that I have worked in the state of Ohio for a total of 42 years, I have only had to draw unemployment twice in this time frame, that was a lot of unemployment money that was paid on my behalf (Unemployment insurance is paid by the employer, but I have always considered it as a benefit of mine), and when I do get to the point that I need it, to keep me and mine fed and housed, it comes back and makes a bigger problem for me.
Unemployment's rule about whether you are physically/mentally able to work is a joke, its not an option of whether you work or not, it is a requirement, unless you want to live on the streets, sick or not.
I have tried to contact the Attorney General, my Ombudsman, and Sherrod Drown Senator, OH, I sent them all emails, explaining and asking for some sort of assistance in this matter, advice, payment plan, what ever, but you guessed it, no reply from no one, I guess when the don't receive this money, it will be important enough to contact me then, then they can assess, lean, garnish, or intercept or what ever they need to do to justify their position.
In my opinion the Great State of Ohio does not care about you, they don't take care of their elderly, their disabled, its all about the dollar or them self. Really makes me feel good about my future in this state.
I think unemployment's stand in this matter is unfair and unjust.
I have done nothing wrong here...


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      Jan 12, 2020

    Well I filed for unemployment on November 22nd do to being laid off. Which I received severance pay for four weeks once that was over they approved me but still no money I been calling for the last two weeks just been getting the run around one problem after another finally they sent me a message talking about my last name dont match my social security number. Here it is I been using the same last name and social security number all my life know all of a sudden it dont work. Since all this been going on I done missed like 3 or 4 interviews do to lack of transportation. I called on a Friday I sent all my information in they tell me to wait until Wednesday just to call back.And I a week my phone will be off do to no money know how am I suppose to keep filing claims or even find a job. These people need to help people instead of finding ways not to help it's our money. This is so frustrating

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