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I young man came to our door one night wearing a Nutra Farm golf shirt stating that he was offering us free food. A sample of Antibiotic Free Meat. He asked a few questions, like - How many people live in the house ( I thought it would reflect the sample size);first names only (but realized that he had our address so he has our last names, oops); our email address, which he did not get; when would be a good time to stop in the next day with the sample. We told him the time, but no one showed up. I am ready to report this guy to the local Police to see if it is legitimate or not. I wrote Nutra Farms but have not heard anything.


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      Aug 08, 2018

    Be very careful. If it wasn't legitimate it was a thief, it it was it was an incorporated thief. I am talking tongue and cheek here but we did order from them a few years ago and ended up paying $24 a pound for ground beef. They have no price list, you just have to "trust" them.'s just shy of a legal scam

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      Sep 30, 2018

    @Eric Latourelle I also had someone come to my door yesterday to promote their custom food order. Although I have no doubt that the quality of the food may be good, the pricing is rediculous. On top of the $2, 223.25 product costs for Food Order #1, an additional $1, 666.75 is added on for Cutting & Aging, Wrapping & Freezing, Facilities & Overhead, Service, and delivery. This almost doubles the cost for the items purchased. Please make sure you know what you are signing!
    I declined their offer!

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      Oct 30, 2018

    If you are unsure of what you are signing, be sure to know your rights. Under the consumer protection act, you have a 10 day cooling off period. Whether you paid cash up front of financed the order. Despite the fact that if you paid cash up front, Dave Steele will tell you that you had 24 hrs to cancel because cash orders are different. He is wrong.
    Also, for a "valid" contract to be enforceable, you MUST have a copy of the contract you signed. Nutrafarms does not provide you with a copy of the order form at the time you place your order, they provide it upon delivery. Technically speaking, this is not proper and could be considered unfair business practice. If you financed your order, simply call the financing company and tell them you wish to cancel. You DO NOT have to give a reason within your 10 day cooling off period and you do not need approval from Nutrafarms to do so. You simply need to call/email the financing company and tell them you wish to cancel your order and that you are within the 10 day cooling off period. It will be cancelled no quesitons asked and Nutrafarms will be informed.

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