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1:48 am EST
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Nu Energy faulty system /bad service

nu energy -bought a 3kw system waited four months for install then after 2 weeks the first inverter cooked then they installed another 2 aero sharp units within the next 3weeks and they did the same then, upgraded me to a better aurora drilling more holes in my brick wall to accomodate the new unit after 1 week that too was playing up my husband went to reset and got zapped of the bloody thing !contacted nu energy whom did nothing for 3 weeks but meatime we turned power off! we noticed water comeing out of the unit, a few days later hubby took the inspection cover off and water gushed out onto his face and chest !leaving about 3 inches in the bottom of the unit, eventualy they came to change and brought the wrong unit an indoor and offered me comp to put inside i told them no!and sent email to manager adviseing of such but they arived with another indoor a week later and i let them install as i was not making power at all and had a burnt out unit worthless just wanted somthing to show for my money, they instaled! and i rang thier manager again and stated i didnt want this unit!he stated he didnt know they were here today !dont get me wrong the lads that do the work seem good blokes but !this unit was already at 49c at 6pm, making 150w power, making a low jet sound 28c ambient temp, anyway they hve now been looking into replacment for 15 days stating they will calculate compensation also, but just not getting back to me! now this thing sounds like a screaming jet on a warm day mounted directly above a flamable parts wash bath ive seen it at 61c and aurora say it maxes out at 55c and fan running constant scream, i even stated that we just wanted an undertaking and was happy to wait, until they were in the area as i live 250km from brisbane but now they just say they are looking into it, dont answer my emails or take note of them, so now i have to go to fair trade /clean enegy council /lawyer i realy dont know, wanna spend $9000 aand play this game, even some of the workers, wernt happy with the company !pay a bit more and get local quality and reliability ! beware of nu- energy! just try reading there contract of legalitys they will be held accountable to no one !these guys just seem to laugh at the threat of fair trade !bigest mistake of our lives !i have sent them registered mail complaint and have no reply after 16 days NU ENERGY just dont give a damn about accc or fair trade ! BEWARE!

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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, AU
Sep 29, 2011 2:34 am EDT

NU Energy is rubbish. I bought 1.5kw solar system in Oct 2010, and got installed April 2011. And they didn't give any advice to put a connecting permission. That led me miss to join the buyback scheme of NSW.

6:59 am EDT
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Nu Energy Lack of customer service

Nu energy in confunction with Matera installed solar panels on our roof at the beginning of June. Within a week the invertor broke down. Numerous phone calls were ignored, but finally after weeks of frustration another invertor was installed. That broke down the following day. Phone calls and emails were not returned, then eventually a 3rd invertor was installed which stopped functioning the next day. We have spent the past week ringing them, but the Manager is always "in a meeting" and doesn't return phone calls. We heard throught the lady who answers the phone that it is not his fault, it is the electrician's who doesn't return his phone calls. Hello? Isn't the manager responsible for his staff?

I suspect that they bought in bulk cheap invertors from China which are faulty. This company has the worst customer service I have ever encountered and are seriously inept and dishonest. Buyer beware.


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, AU
Sep 02, 2010 10:53 pm EDT

Just wondering if when you say "broke down" you mean you had an error displayed on the LCD.
If so, can you tell me what error that is? Reason I ask is that I have just recently had Nu Energy put in an Aero-Sharp 1.5kW system and within about 2 weeks of installation, the unit displays "System Err" on an almost daily basis.
Not happy Jan!

10:02 pm EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Nu Energy solar company

very bad customer service for both email and phone communications. expect no answer to your queries if you sign up for this company!

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Update by unsat
May 28, 2009 10:06 pm EDT

agreed. got a tiny receipt for my 2.5 grand deposit?!


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Melbourne, AU
Dec 22, 2014 4:36 pm EST
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Yep they get a 0 out of 10 for customers service and handling warranty. I have 9 panels with large burn marks had to disconnect them from the system due to dangerous low Riso values. They came and inspected the installation and switched the dangerous panels back in after being told not to reconnect them. Their panel supplier has gone bust and they are not honouring their warranty on the panels and want me to purchase another 9 Chinese panels at $250 a panel. That's normal price for Chinese panels no discount nothing for the original panels that lasted less than 3 years.

very very very pissed
, AU
Mar 19, 2010 1:22 am EDT

I have been trying since June last year to get something done by them. They originally lost my application and then the Federal Govt closed the rebate scheme. Eventhough they had my money before the cut off date (proving my mailed application arrived) they refused to argue the point with the Feds or honour the free offer. After many hours of interstate phone calls complaining, they reluctantly offered a deal. It is now nearly April (10 months since my application) and I still dont have a system and they are still holding onto my deposit money. Customer Service is disgraceful. I have 17 unanswered calls of failures to return calls.

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