North Shore Agencysomething I didn't buy

C Mar 25, 2014

This company has been biilling me for a better homes & gardens APQ calender every year my mother ( Roxanne Blackmore ) buys a subsription to this magazine . And every year I get charged for it . In the past I just payed it because I didn't want this to give me bad credit . I have wrote to better home & garden APQ calander and explained this also my mother my mom (Roxanne Blackmore) has also called and was told that it was fine and taken care of . Well apparentlly not . I do not want to send a check this year I dont owe anything !! and I wish I could get my money back but I'm sure I'm [censored]D ON THAT !!! so were does this leave me to complain my e-mail address is [protected] I would really like to talk to a person or write a person if thats not to much to ask for, If I'm suppose to do this same thing to better homes & garden AQP calander please let me know so I can get this taken care of this year instead of paying for something that was already paid for ! thank you, Cathy Valador

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