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Complaints & Reviews

shipping policy

Reference order number [protected], UPS shipping 1ZV10399A811231520

Your shipping policy has made it impossible for me to take possession of my purchase. The inability to make alternative arrangements for pick up of my purchase based on this policy has forced me to direct its return and dispute the charges to my credit card. People have jobs and cannot take time off to wait for UPS. Your policies are way too restrictive for an item costing less than $500. I would have liked to have benefited from the $200 discount offered by using the Nikon Store, but my buying experience has now gone terribly wrong. I have no other choice but to purchase another product from another source.

nikon coolpix l830

I received a wonderful gift one I wanted for a long time. I am a real estate agent and wanted to photograph my listings with an excellent camera. After owning my camera for a 1 year and half my camera never turned on again.

I wanted the opportunity to have great pictures I could give my sellers I feel robbed from not being able to take picture with my camera. I then started to read about this camera and several people are having the same problem.

A camera that wont turn on is of no use to any one. I was hoping that you had a fix for this camera as I know I am not the only person in this situation I do not have an extended warranty or receipt since this camera was a gift from a friend who is no longer alive.

Being in real estate I have an opportunity to take a lot of pictures that also benefits Nikon as I would promote your product and learn the fine points about the camera it if would work. I have no picture to send the camera has not been out of its camera bag in a long time as I had not idea of what to do. I thought that the best way to solve my problem was to contact you and ask for help. I am willing to send you the camera for repair or replacement. All I wont is a camera that works.

Thank you


I don't know what's going on I signed up not quite long and I did the confirmation through my email...

Nikon Corporation

coolpix s7000

I bought the Coolpix s7000 to replace one I dropped and damaged. I liked the one I had, so I thought moving...

nikon camera

Incident date - 20-04-2016
My mob No - [protected]

Respected sir / madam,

I purchased a Nikon camera ( CMR S9900 ) on above mentioned date through NBD credit card for Aed 999.and made 6 months 0% instalment plan with the bank. Now i want pay to bank 250 dhs to cancel this instalment plan. The salesman explained and showed me the usage of product with demo piece.( but he not suggested me to check the new piece damage or not after the payment ) I opened the camera used 2 days 3 times. Unexpectedly flash broke itself. and not happened from my side by misuse and there is no scratches or no other mistakes to prove that its happened from my side. I informed to customer service mall of emirates carrefore where i purchased it. they told me to bring back and will return the money to your credit card or purchase other product equal to 999 dhs or more than 999 dhs. i suggested to return money to my credit card.

Next day i given back the product, they found no scratches or any other mistake to blame me. because it is not happened from my side. but they were not willing to pay back the money as mentioned the previous day and told me to take other product or to wait 7 days to get report and i waited more than 17 days no replay. on [protected] somebody called me and told to pay 250 dhs to repair it. I refused. I don't want any more this product.because i am afraid to believe this product.


1) what kind of service this ?

2) why you are selling partially broken product ?

3) why your salesman did not advice me to check the product whether it is damaged or not ?

3) why you are not return money back as you mentioned ?

4) why you are not abide by as per your article 3 (a) behind the invoice ? (Consumable items found defective within 7 days subject to exchange or refund)

5) why you are refusing me to give a copy of the report which you received ?

6) why the customer service agent compelled me to take it back and given me a warning that after six months attach it to Carrefore ?

I felt so bad and too disappointed !

Expect immediate action.( I prefer to get refund if not, exchange with other product )


nikon camera
nikon camera


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misleading info

Avoid this company at all costs. They are misleading into thinking you are getting a full normal USA warranty...

lack of stock

I had purchased a nikon DSLR D 3100 from ashrafs...after a few months i had lost the lens cover and went back to ashrafs outlet all over in bahrain they never had stock of it in any of their oulets. Everywhere i went they kept saying next month. it has been one year. At the main branch the customer service employees didnt even bother to answer me directly just simply nodded their heads. i feel that these employees need to be trained and educated on customer service. i was given an alternative by a small shop employee at geant to buy a uv lens cover as an substitute. That was disappointing that there is no responsibility by such companies but i found out there is a lot of such irresponsibilities going on in bahrain where shops are not held accountable for their goods. its a shame or a scam i'm not sure.

terrible service

I ordered a nikon sb - 700 previously and was told it was out of stock for an unknown time and they were replacing it for another $10, with a sigma flash, that was supposedly a lot better. They assured me that it would work with my camera but should have known that my camera wasn't compatable, i found out after it was shipped, and later confirmed with sigma, that it would not work with my camera. It cost me $17 to return it, which was due to their error in the first place. I would have never agreed to the sigma flash in the first place and i learned my lesson, not to trust their sales personel. My problem now, is that not only did they cost me $17 to return their error, they charged me $10 more than what their website states. I should have had a refund, but since they sent me a flash that they said would work on my camera, when it is quite clear based on a chart put out by sigma, that it wouldn't. It cost me additional money to return it, and i don't even get the refund, but they charge me more money than they would have to start with? Wow! I won't be buying from theestoreonline again! I guess i should just be glad i got the nikon flash.

  • Sj
    SJUDD Apr 26, 2013

    Item not received more than 20 working days after placing the order.

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  • K2
    k2000 Nov 05, 2013

    The exact same thing happened to me when I ordered the SB700. It appears they are a bait and switch outfit. When you tell them it does not work like the SB 700, they say to return it costing the consumer the return postage. This company assured me they would pay for the return postage however that was over 60 days ago. I have followed up weekly and the response I get is that "You will see it shortly" At this point it appears they have no intention of sending back the postage reimbursement. Buyer beware of this company...They do not honor their commitments claim items are back ordered so thay can substitute another item.

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  • K2
    k2000 Nov 05, 2013

    See /link removed/ for a similiar complaint

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fraud and non-refund

7/24/2012 –purchased a nikon 5100 dslr
8/4/2012 – returned nikon 5100 dslr and not surprisingly camera defective
10/2012 – digital depot online confirmed receipt of the defective nikon5100 camera
1/9/ - I spoke to steven with digital depot online regarding my order that digital depot has received and confirmed receipt of the camera from me back in august of 2012. digital depot claims they have not received the camera back from nikon but steven said he would be happy to issue a credit because it has been so long
1/16 – I spoke to steven again with digital depot claims that the bank probably can’t accept a credit because the charge of $649.99 is over 180 days but he understand my concerns and they are working on a certified check in the amount of $649.99 that is due and owing me.
1/23 – I spoke to steven with digital depot again, he apologized and said that he would get that check in the mail and if I didn’t receive it to give him a call on monday or tuesday, 1/29.
1/29 – I finally spoke to andrew, manager billing, he was unaware of the certified check due and owing me in the amount of $649.99. however, he looked up notes and assured me that he would call me back by cob to give me an update. I never heard a word from andrew
2/5 – I called systems down andrew or steven not reachable
2/11 – I called and spoke to greg he read notes but said all he could do was leave a message for andrew or steven
2/12 – I spoke to john x103 and he read thru the notes but said it took 30 days for processing time and approval for the certified check and to please call him back on 2/20 and he would personally provide an update.
2/20 I spoke to s4236 and he was not helpful systems down
I have an open case with the chase executive department and I received a phone call today saying they have yet to each digital depot but will continue
2/25 at 11 a.m. ct I called and spoke to someone, didn’t get a name. however he said that he reached john and john is fully aware of the pending due and owing payment and certified check in the amount of $649.99 but the systems were down. I told them that I had been calling since last week and the person did advise that systems had been down for 7 days.
Please need this company to review this payment that is due and owing. you not only have the defective camera that you provided and you have $649.99 and no one there seems to provide the moneys due to me.
2/27/2013 at 10:30 a.m. called john at x103 he wasn’t available or in the office today. I called back spoke to andrew, billing manager, he assured me that he submitted the certified check on 2/27/2013 and it takes the 30days to get processed as noted by john. he said if I called back on monday, 3/4 he would be able to provide me a certified check number and tracking #. call andrew at 11 et on 3/4
3/4/2013 called andrew, manager billing at 10:30 a.m. recorder said close to call back during normal business hours
3/5/2013 called andrew, manager billing at 10:57 a.m. no answer after 10mins. of holding, called back x103 to see if I could get a hold of john, on hold for over 15 mins. no answer
3/6/2013 called andrew, manager billing at 10:42 a.m. held for 15 mins.
called back to see if I could reach john at ext. 103. I spoke to john, he said a check issued. I asked for check#, he proceeded to ask me if I had filed a claim with my credit card company. I told him yes but my credit card company can’t do anything first because they can never reach anyone, like me. he asked you have called and no answer I said yes and proceeded to give him the above dates and went into how the credit card company said they can’t reach you guys either so not much they can do. I told john besides he is the one that told me that after 6 months, they digital depot cannot issue a credit. he seemed a little irritated and he said that he just wanted to know if I filed complaint and it is no. check has been issued, check #70027, andrew will be calling me to provide tracking #, details as to when it will be mailed, should be calling me directly sometime today
3/14/2013 spoke to josh, still no call from andrew, head billing manager, he has been out all week. I asked since I check was finally issued if anyone was mailing it and if someone else could help, no andrew is the head billing manager

4/24/2013 I have given this ridiculous and most coniving and fraudulent company a break but I have yet to receive any sort of check. digital depot are crooks and its ridiculous to treat customers, people who work as hard as you do like this and ripping people left and right off. this company should be banned from any type of business. you all are crooks to the uttmost!!!

I located information when I initially placed the order and amazingly such great customer service ……. 7/24/2012 – talked to michael and he explained that the d7000 was an import japan model. I said no way, not my understanding.

Instead he gave me a new order for the nikon 5100 usa model special for $649 total and I kept telling him I was hesitant because I didn’t like refurbished items and he assured me this was new with a 5 hour battery charger, professional external charger I will get 5-7 days, he will be sending a new invoice

defective camera

I purchased a NIKON coolpix L-820 camera for my daughter. It took terrible, blurry pictures. I sent the camera back as it was under manufactur's warranty. Did not hear a word from Nikon for over a month. Contacted them and was told they were waiting for parts. Long wait. I complained, and they sent me Coolpix L-810 which was worse than the first camera. I requested a refund or the ability to purchase a DSLR. Nikon stated they could do neither. They told us to send camera back for repair. My daughter even sent CEO, David Dentry (customer relations) pictures that were taken from camera and he accused her of editing the pics. Nikon is less than helpful. There customer relations department is a joke. This problem is not the result of negligence, it is the result of defective products. Nikon should do whatever they can to make things right. Instead, they could care less.
I would advise staying away from Nikon products. A company is only as good as their customer service when it comes to a problem!

mess at nikon service cebter - kolkata


I am writing this to bring attention of the concerned authority regarding the mess happening at the Nikon Service center - Kolkata, West Bengal. I have purchased P-100 which is having warranty period valid up to Feb, 2013. Starting from the purchase date the camera need to be serviced more than 5 times for the following reasons:

1. Dust got inside the lens (I wonder how it is possible as P-100 is supposed to be a compact digital camera). The service center said it will not come under warranty but at last they did it within warranty only.

2. Again dust got inside the lens.. This time I demanded that the cam is having manufacturing defect and want a replace though it did not happen. Again the service center said it will not come under warranty but at last they did it again within warranty only.

3. Cam zoom button was not working properly and was zooming in and out automatically... Service center claims it will not come under warranty and demanded 975/- for it but after arguing for almost 30 minutes when I demanded in writing mentioning that though the cam is under warranty still they will charge me .. Then only they agreed to do it without any cost. In the bill they mentioned that they replaced the part (zoom button) which costs 1138.00. Though I was not charged to pay the same as they agreed to cover the same in warranty.

4. Also within less than a month from last repair the zoom button again started working faulty and again I have to go to the service center and demanded a repair. This time denied then and there and said they will not do it unless I pay them 975/-. When I asked the costing details they said that the 975/- is the charge of the zoom button replacement. I stated that in the last bill only they mentioned that the cost is 1138.00/- now how come they are demanding 975/- that too when the cam is still under warranty for another 8 months (almost). They behaved rudely with me .. specially the lady at reception and a senior technical guy used abusive languages and said that I always come here just to get free servicing and I am like a beggar to them... When I said I will lodge a complaint against them at the Consumer Forum suddenly the situation changes and another Guy came and console us and lastly they didn't charge anything...
Now my concerns are:
1. I am afraid that this cam is going to behave faulty again very soon (considering the frequency in past history) then will I be able to have the desired service properly or again I have to go through the same trauma...
2. Nikon being the one of the best Camera manufacturer having only one service center in Kolkata and one authorized service center in Kolkata (Capital Electronics) and no collection center, is a real pain for the huge number of Nikon users.
3. Considering very limited number of service centers in Kolkata the behavior and attitude of the main service center of Kolkata – Address: PS-PLUS Building, 1st Floor, 238A, A.J.C Bose Road, Kolkata 700020 causing real problem in getting the promised service by the Nikon. Why a user will have to convince and argue with the service center people for getting the warranty service when the user is absolutely eligible for that as promised by the manufacturing company Nikon.
4. In maximum cases the service center people are trying to display that all kind of faults (manufacturing/technical any) are because of dust in the cam ad every time they put the user at fault. Being a “little bit” knowledgeable about the cameras (digital/DSLRs etc) my question is - are the cameras being purchased for keeping inside a showcase at user’s house for display??!! I hope not… they are for clicking some moments and in the course of action some dust can go into it… but still after taking all sort of care against dust the service center people will be saying that “ZOOM” button got faulty because of dust !!! Is it possible???!!! if it is true then why they replaced it with new parts for the first time and then again when it gone faulty within a month the same reason stated by the Service center and this time they demanded 975/- for the replace when they mentioned in the last bill that the part cost 1138.00/- that too when I ask them to mention the same in the bill with a note that they are charging though the cam is within warranty period they denied to do so. What kind of mockery is this…???!!!
Please consider this as high priority and provide possible solution.


Don't EVER purchase any NIKON product. Their warranties are NEVER upheld. When you send your camera in for repair, the repair cost is triple the cost of original item and they make a false claim that YOU are responsible. The Cool pix 8100 lens get "stuck out" and will not close. They said I dropped it. COMPLETLY FALSE!! Since then, I was in the retail outlet and physically witnessed 2 other returns for the same reason. NEVER BUY ANYTHING NIKON

battery charging problem

I have purchase this camera nikon coolpix s6100 from us through one of my friend dated, 22.11.11. And I have used it only twice. Now I have a very serious problem that the camera is not turned on as may the battery was exhausted. But I was not able to charge it through direct power supply or through usb from laptop while its adaptor is working... I have the bill of the purchased product. Please sort this problem immediately.

Kirt kumar tiwari
Kirt. [protected]

coolpix camera

WE bought a Nikon Coolpix camers S220 from RC Whilley. It had a one year warrenty. WE did not use it alot. We had only filled up the S Card and transferred the pictures to the computer one time before the lenses quit telescoping in and out correctly. It was 5 months out of warrenty when it quit working. I paid $120 for it on sale and would expect a Nikon camera to last much longer than that. I called to see what it would take to fix it and it would cost almost as much to fix as to buy a new one. This is my last time to buy a Nikon!!!. Seems like so many things today are made to last just long enough to make it past the warrenty time frame

warranty issues

I returned my Nikon Coolpix s4000 to Nikon Inc to have them repair my camera. It was returned to the company because the lens was stuck. When I turned the camera on, I would get a message:" Lens Error." I purchased the camera in March 2011, so therefore it was still under the warranty.

Nikon had the audacity to mail me an invoice for an estimated repair of the camera. The total amount was for $108.33, it stated that I can pay by check, money order or credit card. Why in the hell, would I pay $108.33 to repair a camera that I paid $109.00 for brand new? I'm sure that the retail value of the camera is under $100.00 now, since I purchased the camera over seven months ago.

I would like for Nikon to stand by their warranty and product and repair the camera. I felt insulted when I opened the invoice and realized that I was being charged to repair their faulty equipment.I would never purchase another Nikon product again.I am also going to spread the word to family, co-workers and friends that Nikon is not a company that doesn't honor their warranties.

worst customer care

Hi, I bought a nikon s2500 camera in the month of april 2011 from hyperpanda, dubai festival city, uae,, its good for some months, but after some days its not getting switch on, not getting charged through the data cable from laptop,, so I checked with the ac adaptor, then also not working,, then I gave to the hyperpanda customer care for service,, they told it will take maximum 15 days for the repair,, after that there was no response from them,, if I call also nobody's picking up the phone,, I tried for continuously and finally on the third day a lady attende my 6th call I think,, she didnt gave the good response,, (the worst customer care centre I ever experienced),, after a minute, a guy from hyperpanda called and told the camera got repaired and to collect in the evening (today 26/11/2011),, I went there collected the camera,, when checking the camera is not working at first,, then they told the problem is with my adaptor and data cable,, and also told there is no problem with the camera,, when they checked with another adaptor it worked fine,, so they again told that the problem is with the adaptor,, again I checked it with my adaptor,, it worked fine,, this time they told the camera got the problem and they have repaired,, now everythings ok,, at that moment the camera stopped working,, this moment they told the problem is with the power connection,, and the camera, adaptor and data cable are good,,, now I asked, if there is no problem with the camera,, what u did with my camera for the past 20 days??? They were bluffing and didnt get the explanation,, they were worst in behaving to the customers and I cursed that shopping mall in my mind with all bad words I know,, now also the camera is not working properly when I connect to my laptop for charging,,, bad luck,, I wasted my good money in buying nikon,, no matter how big the money is,, money is money,, even if its a penny,,, I wasted my 500 dirhams,,

I want to complain about this problem,, where I want to complain??? Friends if anybody know,, pls feel free and mail to


I thank u,,,

  • Sa
    sakib007 Dec 18, 2012

    brother same prob nd same harass by customer care

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Ordered a Nikon p500 camera from this site for $314.00. A few days later a guy calls asking if I wanted to upgrade the battery and charger, and purchase some memory. In the conversation He offers a package deal for 599.00 including all the above. Upon arrival I get the standard battery and charger that comes with the camera from Nikon They overcharged me for the memory which later I later found on another site for half the price and double the capacity. The sale's persons are all professional con-artists out to cheat the public. Do not buy anything from these guy. There cheap entery price is only to bait you. Be Aware


I bought my piece in the month of October, 2010.I barely use this.max 5 times.Amazingly it's creating a problem with it's flasher.I gave that in service center & they replied this-"it doesn't matter" WOW!!
I mailed Nikon for 3 times but as usual they remained silent & i thought that my complaint should go i public.I use another dslr of Canon & they helped me so quickly for a very lil problem.Then what's the problem with a giant optics company like Nikon?

does not honor warranties

My Nikkon camera was under "warranty" when it died within the first year!. I sent it back to them and the first letter they sent said it was covered'. A week later I get a letter in the mail with an estimate of $139/.86 to repair it,. They refused to repair the camera under the warranty, made excuses so they would not have to, and tried to rip me off for extra money, despite the fact that I already paid over $200,.00 for the camera in the first place:. I wont buy a Nikkon again because they do not honor their warranties and there is nothing the public can do about it.. They just have a bunch of drones working the phones repeating the same phrase over and over like a parrot, "I'm sorry Madame, the equipment is not covered."

  • No
    nottootickledpink Jun 27, 2011

    sane thing happened to me. I called to ask about a repair told them the issue. They said your warrenty will cover that. Then theyLOST my camera, once it was found that I had to pay for the repair...

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broken camera

I purchased two Nikon Cool Series L18 Cameras from Target for about $100 for myself and my daughter about two years ago. Immediately after I purchased them and submitted warranty information online, I got an email about these particular cameras being recalled. I sent them both back and they worked, but we were changing the batteries quite often. It got to us changing the batteries out weekly then daily, which was costly. I resent them both back for repair and got two bills. One repair bill was for $75 and the other one was for $55. I refused the repair order and asked them to send both of the cameras. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER NIKON PRODUCT.

If I had researched Nikon Complaints or Reviews online BEFORE I purchased two of them, then I would have known that lots of consumers were having the same battery problem AND getting repair bills for much more than the actual value of the camera. One complaint stated that they got a repair bill for $140 dollars and the camera only costs about $100. Well, Nikon you have lost a great customer and everytime I see an ASHTON KUTCHER commercial on tv about your camera - I will moot or change the channel.

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