Nielsenrogue collections email when I don't have an account with you!


To Whom This May Concern:

I just received an email on my WORK email at that (oumari.[protected] indicating that I owed your company some money. I have NEVER had an account with you guys (specsavers)

The individual who contacted me was named Winnie Cheong, and she just wrote me from this email () and this is the email she just sent me:


Any chance of getting this invoice paid, please?

Many thanks.

Best Regards,

Winnie Cheong
Collections Manager
Accounting Department

I am not responding to the email NOR opening the attached pdf document in case it is a phising email. In the event that that is the case, kindly let me know, as I have never had an account with you guys. You may reach me on my work email of oumari.[protected]

Thank You,

Oumari Yorke

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