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Newsmax Media Complaints & Reviews

Newsmax Media / many different products

Sep 23, 2019

Getting spam emails from Newsmax after months and months of unsubscribing using their unsubscribe links. Heres a email address from one of their spam emails Looks like it was sent by this person below tam.[protected]

Newsmax Magazine / renewal not authorized or requested.

Jul 11, 2017

Newsmax magazine charged me under an automatic renewal in which I never authorized. I was just notified by my credit card company (Chase) that I had a charge of $39.95 for nmx newsmax magazine. I did not want to renew nor do I accept this charge. I am notifying our credit card company...

Newsmax Media / Unethical news service.

Apr 14, 2016

Very unethical news service. Their news are super crazy and full of anger and hate! When I wanted to comment an article and expressed my opinion they deleted it because I had an opposite opinion. My friend recommended this Newsmax website and told that it was very informative and etc...

Newsmax Solo Advertising / Newsmax Joseph Fuentes High Promise Under Delivery Service With No Show of Responsibility as Promised and Lack of Proof! Internet

Jun 16, 2015

Newsmax Solo AdvertisingOn May 22nd I made a contact with Newsmax via their rep named Joseph Fuentes. I wanted to advertise on their newsletter, after some negotiation I agreed to drop $1k (plus processing fees) to try their service that would run on 30th May 2015 Joseph convinced me to try them by telling me... / No comments allowed, control freaks

Jan 28, 2013

Wow from all the comments sure looks like it's a scam site! Well what do you expect from conservatives, they don't comprehend the meaning of the word honesty. They try to steal elections, what makes you think they wouldn't steal from their followers. The people who follow... / Stay away from this website


I was just searching google for a project for one of my classes when a window popped up out of nowhere: "Romney vs. Obama. Urgent National Poll". Since I've heard of the "polls" being talked about in the news, and I do plan to vote in a few days, I decided to answer the poll'...

Newsmax Franklin Prosperity Report / Unauthorized Credit card Charges


I ordered a free book from Newsmax, by doing so they trick me into giving them my credit card number. Now I get a credit card bill for $ 59.00 for a subscription to some kind of Franklin Report, the I never subscribe. I did not order it. I do not want it. I called to cancel and asked for... / Months after unsubscription request they still send me news and 3rd party ads


Months after unsubscription request they still send me news and 3rd party ads! It is a part of Tea party/Jewish lobbiest business. Nowadays all they publish is how Arabs hate US and Israel and want to destroy! There news a day is too much of a hate publishing, it sounds more like...

NewsMax Store / Never received book that I've purchased


NewsMax Store or NMX! I purchased a book from them which I never received. I tried to contact them but without any result. If they can’t send me a book why they didn’t tell it to me. They must return money for the things they never sent. I am very upset.

Newsmax / I feel harassed, avoid at all costs


I decided when getting two or three emails a day. Offering per tinent information for only $1.00 that I no longer wanted anything to do with this company and followed the outlined procedure to unsubscribe a week and a dozen emails later led me to this point. My requests have been ignored...

NMX*NEWSMAX MAGAZINE / unauthorized automatic renewal


NEWSMAX MAGAZINE charged me under an automatic renewal in which I never authorized. I advised them via their website but never got an acknowledgement. A dispute also went to my credit card company, but Newsmax claimed that they have no record of cancelling. So I put in another dispute to the credit card company. It still has not been resolved. / More people should file official complaints about


I made the mistake of giving credit card information to read Meltdown on Mainstreet. There were some publications I could refuse within 90 days. I did no avail. Repeated requests by phone and email have not resulted in me extricating myself from this company. I plan on turning...

Newsmax Aftershock / Unauthorized Credit Card Charge


Unauthorized charge on Discover card, supposedly by my father via the Internet: 1. My father does not have a Discover card; although the account is in his name, my mother has sole possession of the card which she uses for very specific purchases. 2. My father does not know how to order...

Newsmax / Unauthorized Subscription Charge


The below email to Newsmax outlines the issue, what I expect from them in to remedy the situation and the action I will take if they do not respond. Fortunately the State of Michigan has an Attorney General's office that takes an active interest in such complaints. ___________ On July...

Newsmax / I had canceled the thing, charged anyway


I had ordered a book. Then this charge showed up on my account. I had declined this service or whatever at the time. / They specialize in spam


They specialize in spam. If you subscribe, you will get several messages each day from them and other "partners" who would just love for you to subscribe to their service for a fee. Furthermore, any news they do send you is slanted towards the tea party and reads more like propaganda than...

Newsmax / Won't unsubscribe


I have been trying to stop Newsmax Health from invading my email daily for over a month now to no avail. Their unsubscribe all function is ignored and I have no way to contact them. I may have to change my email address. I find some of their info is good, but it is all connected to...

Newsmax* Franklin Report / Unauthorized subscription charge


I ordered a free book from Newsmax, the requirement being I pay the postage and they send me several financial news letters free for 30 days to 90 days. I had a choice of subscribing to one or all of the news letters, accepting one or all of them beyond the free time and then being charged...