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Newport Newshorrible customer service and return process

I had extremely bad experience, returned dresses more than month ago (With confirmation that they received it) didn't get refund (Till now) refund not correct, instead of sum that they should refunded (Dresses+tax - return label per their web policy) I got app 10+ dollars less. Whole return process is time consuming, they hold your item and your money one month after they receive your items back, and then when they refund they don�t even state a sum! I needed to ask for it, and noticed that they refunded less than per their on-line legally binding policy. Still struggling to get my refund (Took me at least 10 mails and over a month to get refund, even now not correct). Do avoid newport-news, just problems with refund and return. I requested to be removed from their catalogue and e-mail lists. Never again I will give them my business.


  • Jo
    John Jun 17, 2008
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    Verified customer

    This is a copy of an e-mail sent to the company (minus personal info):

    The fact that you do not recognize anywhere on your site that a customer might have a complaint, is an indication that you neither want to hear of problems nor have any intention of fixing them. But as a former business owner, I believe that a company needs to know when they have screwed up.

    My wife placed a $350.00 bathing suit order in April in anticipation of her trip to Cancun next week. Having heard nothing about the order since being told that it would ship on June 5th, she called this morning to check status. She was told that her order had been cancelled.
    When she placed the order, the operator talked her into paying for it with a Newport News credit card. Our credit score is near perfect and, although we certainly do not need another credit card, she accepted.
    Her credit card application was rejected - no reason given - and she was never notified by phone, mail, or e-mail that the complication had arisen. The order was just cancelled.
    Now she is in the position of shopping locally for bathing suits, at a time when most stores have limited selection, in order to have something for her trip next week.

    You owe her - at the very least - a written apology for what is your screw up and poor customer service. Just because you are not face-to-face with a customer doesn't mean that good customer service is no longer applicable.

    Her name - Susan ...
    Contact info...

    And if you can't be bothered fixing this, remove her from your mailing list. We don't deal with incompetent, uncaring companies.

    John ...

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  • Ta
    Taenha Aug 21, 2008
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    Newport News (Spiegel) is noted for this, and for allowing you to order Items that are unavailable (they ship another item). They also take 4 to 6 weeks to refund money (they charged you in 30 seconds).

    Boycott this company; they are little more than petty thieves.


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  • De
    Denise Feb 27, 2009

    I totally agree with you on this. I am having the same problem. I am going to contact my credit card company and see what they can do for me. I will never buy anything from them again...EVER.

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  • Ra
    rathernot Mar 10, 2009

    I work there. It does take long, about 4 to six weeks but we always rtn the right amount of credit. delivery is non refunable, it would be the same as you asking a clothing store to refund the money you spent on gas to drive there and rtn the merchandise. if you had a discount on your order we will not refund the full price, because you would not have paid the full price.

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  • Ve
    very unhappy Mar 26, 2009

    I have also had problems with Newport News. They are the absolute WORSE company I have ever ordered anything from before!! I made my order and three weeks laters till haven't received anything. I was hung up on twice when I attempted to file a complaint over the phone and was even told by one representative that she suggest that "you not order on the interview"...WHAT? Isn't that a huge portion of their business. You aren't allowed to speak with a manager to file a complaint, so apparently I am supposed to be ok with the money coming from my account and not getting anything for it.

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  • Ch
    ChrissyCMJ Jul 22, 2009

    I'm in the same boat right now. It is July 22nd today and Newport News received returned items on June 4th. I send many emails and called many times and all they kept telling me was that it takes up to 6 weeks to process the return. Okay-so finally the returned was processed on July 15th and now they are telling me it takes up to 10 days for the credit to be issued. Ridiculous!!! I need my money back-I have bills to pay. I will never order from this company again just because of the long return/credit process. I'd rather just go to the mall and buy since if I need to return something the credit will be issued right there on the spot. Other mail catalogs or online catalogs are super quick. Don't they realize that their return policy turns people off. never again!!!

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  • Bl
    BlondieG Sep 14, 2009

    I returned my items and they now tell me they are NOT going to refund my money. They instead will only give me a purchase credit. So now they have their items back, AND are going to keep my money. I too am going to contact my credit card company.

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  • Rk
    rk11978 Sep 18, 2009

    Newport News is horrible. They have my items since 8/17 and still have not refunded any money, they say it takes 2 credit card cycles. They charged me within a few hours of my placing my order. To make matters worse they say one of my items was not recieved in perfect condition and will only issue a store credit for future purchase. B**S**T! They just want my money.
    Stay away from Newport News!!

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  • Na
    naf23 Oct 09, 2009

    Horrible, horrible company! I could tell my tale of woe, but it is just more of the same. My advice to everyone out there - DO NOT order from Newport News - they suck, plain and simple.

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  • Mw
    mwf Dec 31, 2009

    I received an e-mail from Newport-News today for 20% additional off advertised and markdown items on their website. I selected two items which totalled $73.00 before the coupon. When I applied the coupon, the items were marked UP to $98.00 and the 20% was taken off that price. So in order to use the coupon, I would pay more money. This is not what was stated in their e-mail or on their website. When I called customer service, they were rude and nasty. I asked to speak to a supervisor and after 30 minutes of holding, finally hung up. I have screen prints saved of the before and after pricing in case there is a question. I have to wonder how many people go ahead and order not realizing that they are actually spending MORE money than if they hadn't used a coupon at all. These are unethical and unfair trade practices and should be stopped.


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  • Pr
    Princessshopper Feb 03, 2010

    I am having the same problem myself. I returned my items over two weeks ago and according to the UPS tracking they received my items a long time ago so I decided to call customer service and they tell me that it is going to take over 6 weeks to process my refund. Absolutely rotten customer service. If I had known that it would be so time consuming I would have never ordered anything from there to begin with.

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  • Ni
    nikness44 Dec 30, 2010

    i am also having the same issue with the return policy. i do the majority of my shopping online and I have NEVER dealt with such a horrible return policy. I sent my return back in November, I called them December 18th and they confirmed they recieved my return back on November 23rd but told me it could take up to 30 days for me to recieve my refund (which is crap, most companies get me a refund within a week of my return). Today is December 29th and I STILL have not recieved my refund so I called customer service AGAIN and asked for my money back the woman told me they were slow because of the holidays and that she would "expedite" my refund and ask that I get my money within 72 hours...i'm sorry but at this point it is absolutley ridiculous, i will NEVER shop at newport again.

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