New York Sports Club [NYSC]unauthorized charges/unethical behavior

K Sep 06, 2018 Review updated:

I've requested to cancel my membership multiple times, and have yet to have this accomplished. I was a member at the NYSC in Staten Island for over 3 years and decided to cancel my membership in August 2018, due to the managerial negligence and overall status of the equipment. I initially called over the phone to cancel, and was notified that I needed to come in person to do this. I visited the location around Tuesday August 14th and completed paperwork to end my membership immediately. To my surprise, I noticed the following month I was still charged on my bank account. This is completely unacceptable. I've attempted to resolve this issue multiple times and was unsuccessful. I've reached out to the manager of the gym, who is NEVER available. I've left multiple messages with staff members to receive a call back, and no response. I have never met more unprofessional and incompetent managers than I have experienced here at NYSC. When I finally get to talk to the manager, He tells me that he will "See if he can find it." And IF he finds it he can start the process and charge me a 29.95 cancellation fee. I requested a refund for this month as I had already cancelled over two weeks ago. The manager stated that "IF I finds the paperwork it would be a 29.95 fee to cancel anyway so I can just leave it and it will cancel out." This is completely unacceptable, I do not believe this manager is capable of issuing a refund, and I do not understand how they managed to lose my request and then expect me to pay the price. I am being charged yet another month due to this incompetence. The manager said if the attendant at the desk can "vouch for me that I filled out the paperwork then he can continue." I do not understand how a business can operate in this manner. I was also told that if he doesn't have my paperwork than he can't cancel my membership without me returning. This is a completely absurd request, as I am a professional who works multiple jobs and doesn't have time to waste. I am reaching out to you for a resolution as well as investigation of how the staff operate/ treat customers, specifically the manager. He was completely unprofessional, rude and quite frankly a scam artist in my opinion. I expect to see a resolution of this issue. I expect my membership to be cancelled effective 08.14.18, as initially requested. I expect a refund of all other cancellation fees on my account; for me to have to chase down the manager to do his job and then pay for the fee seems completely absurd at this point. I have had so many other unresolved issues and unexplained charges over the years with this gym. I was told I would be refunded for personal training sessions that were wrongly charged to my account only to find out the personal training manager had left the club as well and did not resolve the problem, I have no patience left for this gym. This cancellation issue needs to be resolved, I never want to step foot in this gym again or see it on my bank account statement as anything other than a refund.


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    Claire B. Sep 15, 2018

    The same thing is happening to me - have you been able to resolve?

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