New York & Companycustomer service

L Aug 17, 2018

Hello my name is Lilian. I just recently tried to place an order over the phone with a phone Agent by the name of Karen (this person was from GEORGIA). Let me say that because of that phone call I will never shop with the New York and company ever again! Not very friendly or very understanding and would not stop trying to speak over me when I was trying to talk. Also she made comments about of the item was not damaged when I received it then it have to pay for the return shipping. So that told me right there that they know the items more than likely will be damaged because if they didn't think they would be then they wouldn't have that policy. So that means this company is beyond crooked and they know it and is taking our money from us because they don't even really care about the customers this is just for them to make money and live lies about who they are. All I have to say is something better be done about this call center that I called in Georgia as soon as possible because if not then I promise you will have the biggest lawsuit ever on your hands. Not only was it that phone Agent I have call more times and recorded the calls I even have supervisors that I have spoken with that are very rude and lied a lot when I was talking to them. I have a lawyer and I am meeting with them today to fill this suit. I am beyond upset with this. I am believing that your company is a big scam! I will make sure this is known about!

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