S Jul 15, 2019

I had a painful eye caused by a piece or metal that was in my eye, at first I thought it was minor but when the pain became unbearable I decided to go to the hospital. I arrived at around 6pm only to be attended to at 10pm four hours later. I was then given eye drops which eased the pain for that moment and was told there were no eye specialist on duty so I had to come back the next day. I was booked for 7am on my way out I asked for eye drops as my eye began being sore I was told by the nurse there was nothing she could do as the pharmacy was closed. I went home and had to sleep through the pain only to wake up worse in the morning. I went to the hospital and asked to please be given the eye drops they gave me the night before as I couldn't bear the pain and she told me the pharmacy was closed. I then asked her to show me the Dr they referred me too and then was told it was out of the premises, I had to drive in my pain to a place I didn't know, which could have been avoided if they told me that last night. I am disappointed.

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