D Oct 06, 2019

I have been using your product for years to make my fudge I spent $5 on 2 packs of 16oz morsels they wouldn't melt literally burned my figured stirring pot before adding and no matter what I did they wouldn't melt!!! I spent alot of money on ingredients to make my fudge and its ruined before u say I did something wrong I am 53 yrs old been making this with my mother since I can remember wasted money and an hour of my time for something that should have taken 20 mins!!! I have a video if u would like to see and package and reciept. Would like my money back and hope this is a fluke cuz I will go with another brand if need be! This has happened a few other times throughout the years and I blamed myself and now I know this is not the case plz reply

Donna czubernat
320 westmore Meyers rd
Lombard il 60148

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