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Nemet Auto Center

Nemet Auto Center review: Scam and rip off 2

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6:44 pm EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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Nemet Auto Center is nothing but a Scam and by saying the word SCAM it's an under statement.

Let me tell you about their Serpentous and Diabolic SCAM Technique... First, by the time you step in in their showroom you will be treated by the sales people like a kings/queens. Then they will give you prices for the cars that you want in a good to be true deal... Then once you bite the bait and agreed to what they've promised you, they will make all the delaying tactics on you so that you would feel more excited and wanting to grab the deal that they offer you and then drive away your new car away... Less you know that they are just cooking something and making you fall for their wicked tactics...

They would encourage you to make a deposit for as low as $200.00 just to reserve and hold on to the car you like then it would be hard for you to withdraw or get it back when transactions get sour...

Then by the time all things are ready, you will be brought to the Finance Mgr. namely Mr. Sid Slotnick (No Conscience/Heart/Fear) who will intimidate you and play psych-war on you just to make sure that his trics will be effective on you. He will make the printing of the documents and receipt painfully slow so that it would pump out more of your adrenalin and excitement of driving the new car. He sometimes makes an accidental error (which is part of his plan) then tear it up then print a new one. At last he's done with all the documents and it's your turn to sign. Then he will just hi-lite all the important parts of the contract then lets you sign without explaining it. BEWARE!...(There are cameras in the room so they know what's going on inside) (Whenever you have something to ask or most of the time if you discover some discrepancies...There will be some distractions i.e. Ringing of Bell, Clapping, Etc.) Just to put you out of focus and concentration and switch some of the contracts and documents). Then he will tell you that this will be your payment for the first six months then it will go down on the seventh month which NEVER HAPPENED and will NEVER HAPPEN. What a CROOK!

So, after the two or more hours of waiting, finally you got the key for your new car then you're so excited to drive it home. Afterwhich, by the time you got home, you just discovered that the contract you've signed was totally different from what your sales person had discussed with you...

You will discover that they have deceived and forced you to include in their contract the following:

- Extended Waranty (which is unknown company or unrealiable one) - $3, 000.00

- VIP Card (free oil change for life) which is useless coz I still pay whenever i have my maintenance w/ them - $2, 999.00

- Tire Replacement for life - $300.00 which is useless also coz it would take your sweat, tears and blood to be able to get it.

- And to top it all they will put you under a very very high interest for loan at a whopping 10.5% APR even if you have an excellent credit history...

I really don't know how they get away from this coz they are still doing these things in any given day, but I always hope and pray that in due time they will reap what they sow.

It has made a lot of damage to me and my wife and it left us dry and low with sleepless nights and at the state of paranoia.

I ask all the victims of this SICK Company to speak out and make a move. I urge you to consult lawyers, concerned government agencies or even the media to expose these people. But, I really doubt coz these people in Nemet really don't care and not even afraid of continously doing these coz they're so calloused. It's as if they're protected by somebody or some entity that they are somewhat UNTOUCHABLES...

They won't stop in Scamming and Ruining people's lives coz they fear no one.

As for me, I just pray to God for justice and peace of mind. And that a lot of people will discover and read this WARNING and put it in their hearts and minds.

Please do yourselves a GREAT FAVOR... Don't even look at the showroom or even pass-by NEMET. Pass this article to your friends and loved ones so that everybody would be vigilant in fighting this attrocities done by this Good for Nothing Nemet Auto Dealer.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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, US
Apr 13, 2010 7:47 pm EDT

Hey Tweety 1 don't be so obvious that you are working for Nemet or your Slotnick's ally... I hope and pray that you won't experience this kind of traumatic thing... Because if this happens to you...then you'll remember my post! Good luck to you!

Flushing, US
Oct 25, 2009 7:44 pm EDT

o you say you don't read anything that you have signed over 20times>> who is the fool