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Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning Complaints & Reviews

Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning / employee health and safety

rockradium on Sep 18, 2017
Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning has received serious citations from OSHA for employee health and safety violations. The company consistently fails to provide protection against falls. Hundreds of people die or are seriously hurt every year from falls from ladders and roofs. The company also...

Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning / Badgering

Reviewer92805 on Feb 4, 2016
Ned Stevens cleaned my gutters last summer. It was the first time I used them, and their work was at best adequate, and overpriced. But, what infuriated me was the claim at the end of the work that my gutters really needed to be replaced. There is absolutely nothing wrong with my gutter...

Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning / Gutter replacement

Leo Battenhausen on Oct 3, 2015
This company was hired to replaced my outdated gutters that were functioning at about 85% efficiency. When they completed job (which they began at 6:30am) the gutters were functioning at about 50% efficiency. They actually made the problems worse and created new problems. When I called...

Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning / Performed work without permission

PCAGGA on Aug 14, 2014
Company put me on a automatic cleaning schedule and they just came to clean gutter without a confirmation in email or by phone. Then they send an invoice saying the work was ALREADY performed and expected payment. I had explained politely that I had sold the house and they cleaned the...

Ned Stevens Gutter / service and billing

kenmnc on Jan 30, 2014
they keep comingin out and charging you even after you ask them to stop. if you send email asking to stop, they conviently say they did not get the email. this is a rip off and i would NOT suggest to anyone to use them

Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning / Incomplete job

Marc Rosenkrantz on Jan 6, 2014
Contracted Ned to clean my gutters on 4000sqft home. When they finished they left all the debris on my back deck. My wife told the field supervisor who moved it to the front of our house with no bags. My town does not allow curbside debris so we called them to complain and have them return...

Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning New Jersey / Constant telemarketing calling

Short Hills customer on Dec 28, 2012
We've had Ned Stevens come and do our gutters for 5-6 years. On the positive side, they have done an efficient and good job even though they are here for only about 15 minutes and are pricey. But their constant telemarketing is annoying. Today, my wife received a call at home and...

Ned Stevens / Wrong Size Gutter Installed

Dissatisfied Customer-1 on Apr 28, 2012
Installed the wrong size gutter. insisted there was only one size gutter, even after they removed the old damaged gutters that were the right size. It was clear they did not carry the size gutter we needed and they should have been honest and told us they could not do the job. They...

Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning / Not a company to be trusted

Obuday on Sep 6, 2011
I was on a fixed schedule for work to be completed, after the last visit I noticed that certain gutters ( the ones located higher on my home ) had not been cleaned, when my next scheduled cleaning was done, I stayed home to see exactly the level of work done, the crew arrived, one stayed...

Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning / Incomplete gutter cleaning

Poor Gutter Cleaning on Jun 2, 2011
Like so many other people have complained, Ned Stevens does not clean the top gutters. After the latest cleaning that happened in March (well after the leaf falling season), I noticed that the top gutter was full and overflowing and the bottom gutter was clean. I called to get service and...

Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning / Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning

Anonymous on Apr 30, 2011
Completely over charged and a piece of my gutter fell of fa mont hafter they worked at my house. Would not do business with again.

Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning / unnecesary service calls

john deblasio on Jan 20, 2011
ned stevens employes telephone sales people. once you use them they will constantly call to persuade you that u need additional service. smooth talking sales people get u to agree for service calls.they record all their conversations and use it against u. beware this amoey driven operation and its tour money they want. john d bergen co

Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning / Telemarketing

Don't give them your number. They won't stop calling you to get more business even though they are not good. They will claim to clean your gutters for cheap, then try to up sell you for new gutters. If you call another local verified good gutter company, you will find that Ned...

Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning / non performance of work

I was on a fixed schedule for work to be completed, after the last visit I noticed that certain gutters ( the ones located higher on my home ) had not been cleaned, when my next scheduled cleaning was done, I stayed home to see exactly the level of work done, the crew arrived, one stayed...

Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning / Did work without my permission and ruined gutter guards

I called to have gutters cleaned once. It didn't look like they did much, but I wasn't home when they came. When I initially scheduled first cleaning, they asked if I'd like to be put on a service plan. I said "no", just come out once. One day I happened to be working from...

Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning / contractor fail to appear in a timely manner and claim to have work which they have not done.

Enclosed is an excerpt of a recent letter to Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning: I made an appointment wit NS to come to my house and clean the gutters by Mid-December ´08, so that the gutters would be clean before the first snowfall on December 19. However, NS did not arrive prior to the first...

Ned Stevens Gutter Cleaning / Service

Terrible Company! They were very nice over the phone, but I had to call them FOUR times after they didnt show for an appointment to get them to show up! And when they came, they only cleaned gutters on 3 sides of my house and left food trash all over the lawn. Then they billed me for more than the price I had agreed upon. Beware!

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