"Nano Japan" operating at qoo10, lazada, plus.com.sg, 11street.my etcSelling fake health and beauty supplements in singapore, malaysia, thailand and cambodia

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Recently, I saw the Interpol crackdown on illegal health products by Singapore Health Science Authority. I would like to highlight this brand called "Nano Japan", which is an online health supplement scammer. "Nano Japan" claims that their children supplement, Biogenie, is from Japan. Originally, I wanted to buy for my child and checked with my Japanese friend, who works in the health supplement industry in Japan. However, she confirmed there is no such brand in Japan and also never heard of the ingredient there (I cannot find this in Google). Parents must be careful if they administer Biogenie to their children, because Health Sciences Authority in Singapore does not check it.

"Nano Japan" also claims their Nano Hyaluron & Collagen is tested by Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority Singapore ("AVA"). I checked with AVA, and AVA confirmed they do not provide testing service for health supplements. It seems that Nano Japan claims whatever they like and nobody knows what is inside of the product. By the way, there is also no such company or brand called "Nano Japan" in Japan. It is an online internet entity (not a company) and a scammer. Don't be a fool, it is a scam!!!

  • Updated by Esther Ng · Dec 14, 2017

    Dear Nano Japan

    In response to your long email, which does not exactly address my key points, I have verified that it also contains untrue information.

    In your exact words, you wrote: “Nano Japan derives itself from our original Japan parent company based in Osaka”.

    I did a company search on 13 Dec 2017 and confirmed that the company behind Nano Japan is Resvenus Laboratories Pte Ltd (Singapore Company Registration Number : 200601877W), owned by only ONE individual shareholder, with Paid-Up Capital of S$6000. There is NO corporate Japanese shareholder, and no relationship with any other company from Japan. Moreover, your trade mark “Nano Japan” is held by your company (with 1 individual shareholder). Essentially, what has been presented by your company to the public and the consumers is a blatant lie, and no such co-owner by other Japanese company exists!
    It will be best for your company to submit evidence to support your claim about your company and its products. While you insist that Nano Japan collagen is a food product and it is has been sent to AVA for test, I have spoken to AVA and confirmed NO such tests have been made. Its all lies. How can the general public entrust their health (and their family’s health) to a company which has no integrity and lies about everything?!

    Lastly, I assume your shipping document which you have attached is true. However, I realised that the declaration value of JPY247, 000 for 585 bottles of Nano Biogenie translates into only SGD 5 per bottle, including material cost, manufacturing cost and the packaging. So your actual material cost is probably $1 to $2. How good can your products be with this cheap buying cost? And if this is not the real value of shipment and your company under-declare the product’s import value, this will be a criminal offence for cheating GST. In any case, I urge all consumers out there to be mindful and beware of Nano Japan, owned by one person with $6000 paid up capital, which is full of lies and its products made of cheap ingredients! Be careful what you consume from Nano Japan. It’s an online scammer!

    Just take note that you are taking own risk if you are taking the following products from Nano Japan : Detox Enzyme, Nano Hyaluron & Collagen, Nano Detox & Cleanse, Nano Royal & Jelly, Nano Birds' & Nest, Nano Diet & Voluptuous, Nano Cardio & Neuro, Nano Mekabu & Fucoidan, Nano Red & Resvera, Nano Lacto VV & Probiotics, Nano Biogenie & Probiotics, Nano Krill Oil & EPA/DHA, Tummy Buster & Sensual Up

  • Updated by Esther Ng · Jan 01, 2018

    Hi, Najwa Latif, if products from Nano Japan is certified Halal in Malaysia, you can search their Halal status by using the function at "Verify Halal Status :" at the following web site : http://www.halal.gov.my. If you find any of their product certified as Halal, please share with us, I cannot find any.


  • Ry
    Ry57 Oct 25, 2017

    I also cannot find anything with regards to Nano Japan using Goggle / Yahoo. All the link go back to NanoJapan Q10 or another of their selling website. Search for Dr.Kimihide Murata also did not link it with the product as shown on NanoJapan website.

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  • Na
    nanojapan Nov 08, 2017

    Dear Esther Ng and readers,
    Thank you very much for your kind comments. The content of your posts is appreciated however we'd like to take this valuable opportunity to clarify. In this world of consumer products, be it electronics to fashion to beauty products or health supplements, a full stream of functions involves multiple parties, companies, and even countries of origin of any particular raw material. Take for e.g. Apple iphone which is the world's most famous brand for smart devices and apps. We all know that Apple are from California, USA. However, do we also know that Apple iphones are made by Foxconn or also known as Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd with factory in China, but based in Taiwan? The point of this that we'd like to share is that Nano Japan has never claimed to be a Japanese company. First, Nano Japan has always insist ourselves to be an online brand. Second, Nano Japan derives itself from our original Japan parent company based in Osaka and through the consolidation of pharmaceutical companies, R&D laboratories, all in Japan, we are proud to offer extremely innovative, high quality beauty and health care products/ supplements to valued buyers like you. Nano Japan is a brand that's co-own by our Japanese manufacturer. While Nano Japan may not be available in Japan domestically due to conflict of channels and contractual obligations, our same products are available in Japan in our NB or "National Brand" as what Japanese industry people will call it. Due to the conflict of interests of sales channels between pharmacies and online shopping portals, increasingly numbers of manufacturers especially from Japan are keeping offline retail brands and creating online exclusive brands. Classic example is Suntory Milcoolla which is exclusively available only online, while Suntory is a famous food brand, Milcolla is not available in pharmacies due to conflict of channel's interest. Now, back to Nano Japan. We hope by illustrating the above examples, can clearly or otherwise, impress upon discerning consumers like you to start know that Nano Japan is an exclusive online brand that focus on offering outstanding and premium beauty and health supplements to the wider audience/ consumers outside Japan, of the same high quality, but at very affordable prices. On the matters of AVA and HSA, there are also several inaccuracies that we'd love to also clarify for every reader's benefit. Indeed, AVA does not cover supplements but only food. However, Nano Collagen as a food product, as been voluntarily submitted for testing in AVA in their food labs located in Lim Chu Kang, Perahu Road. At the same time, as Singapore has a strict enforcement team, our products are regularly called for testing for safety and clarifications and this applies to supplements by HSA, which Nano Biogenie falls under this category. Again, registration of supplements in Singapore is not required, but it is mandatory for our products to be properly labelled and relevant documents be submitted when requested. As Nano Biogenie documents been requested by HSA? Yes. It is part of the local enforcement to ensure safety and claims. But in general, registration is not required.
    Finally, we can never be too concern if we are labelled "scammers" because Nano Japan has always maintain to offer high quality beauty and health products originating 100% from Japan except for Nano royal jelly which is from New Zealand where it has the best quality of apiary (bee) products. Nano Japan continues to be proud of our strong commitment to all valued buyers to ensure our products are truly from Japan (not only namesake) but with the best quality, effectiveness, value and at the most affordable prices we can provide. Thank you very much. For any further information, we welcome you to write to us at [protected]@nanojapan.jp. In the meantime, we have posted here a shipping insurance for our import of Nano Biogenie via air to demonstrate the country of origin, Japan, for this product. Thank you everyone. Sincerely and truly, NANO JAPAN management


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  • Na
    Najwa Latif Jan 01, 2018
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    I am a Muslim and used to be a customer of Nano Japan, After reading all the complaints, and I started to do my research on those products sold by Nano Japan, I noted there are full of misleading claims in their web contents.

    Let's start with my review on the first product - Nano Hyaluron & Collagen – just compare the product label on the can with the website content
    Although the website indicate all of the below, however, on the product packaging, you will find:
    * there is no Lactic Acid Bacteria probiotics in the ingredient label
    * Although there is CoQ10 in the formula, both reduced form of CoQ10 and 100 mg per dosage are NOT found in the ingredient label.
    * It is not make with JHNFA certification, cannot find JHNFA logo at the product packaging
    * There is no type 3 milt placenta in the ingredient list
    * There is no Type 3 collagen in the ingredient list
    * There is no Halal logo with certificate number at the product. If this product is made in Japan, it should be certified with the Halal mark from the Japan Muslim Association. I am really concerned if it is really Halal as a Muslim!

    By the way, there are lots of Private Enquiry in your Question & Answer, what are you hiding from?

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  • Na
    Najwa Latif Sep 05, 2019
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    Please be careful if you are thinking to buy Nano Jewel Collagen. Nano Japan claims there is 8, 000 mg TYPE IV Collagen. I always research a product before I consume, as there are just too many scams in the market. However, I discovered that there is very little research about Type IV collagen and definitely nothing about drinking Type IV collagen for skin enhancement. Type IV collagen seems like a drug for certain disease 😐

    Moreover, on the product label of Nano Jewel Collagen, there is no mention of Type IV collagen and it is only stated as Collagen Peptide. If there is really type IV collagen as they claim, why is it not stated in the label??? I believe this is just another scam. Nano Japan cannot be trusted, and I urge all buyers to beware.

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