Musicateac dvd player

Hi, I purchased a TEAC portable dvd player for my daughter in Dec of 2018. It worked perfectly until about 2 weeks ago when it just started giving problems when using it in my vehicles, it keeps switching off. I tool it back to musica in Pe and its been frustrating to say the least. I have been treated like a criminal and my time has been wasted. A lady in the branch named Tandeka tried her best to assist me, but to no avail. I was referred to speak to a consultant at Teac callled Nelson Pillay who insulted me and called me a liar. Extremely rude! I have never heard someone talk to a client like that. They have tested the unit in the branch and it works in the branch. Obviously there is a problem with the unit not working when plugged into a vehicle. I have tested in both my vehicles and it keeps going off. This is completely unacceptable! I am falling around and the level of service is unacceptable. Why do I need to be treated like a criminal? I am not satisfied with the product and they do not want to exchange or give my money back. I do not want that unit back, I dont care what tests they want to do on it. It is still under warranty and I am not happy with the product, it let me down when I needed it the most. I stood for more than an hour at the Musica in Walmer park waiting to be assisted to my satisfaction. I stood in the door and warned clients in the que to think very carefully before buying something at musica because if you need to return it they will treat you like a criminal. The dvd player is not of high monetary value but I am disgusted by the way I have been treated thus far. I will make it a priority to warn all family and friends to not support yourselves and tell them of my gruesome experience. I am truly shocked at how your doors can still be open if you treat customers like this? I am the customer, I am not satisfied with my purchase and I want to return or exchange it. I dont care about your internal procedures or your agreements with your suppliers - that is your problem. Now I have to plead like a criminal to be treated fairly. Have you ever heard of Treating customers Fairly? I feel so sorry for your poor client facing employees who cannot assist their clients. I dont want to hear long stories about sending things away and repairing it. Its under warranty and I have lost faith in the product and now also in Musica. I had to leave the dvd player in the store and I refuse to go back there.
Marco Jonker
Port Elizabeth

Oct 01, 2019

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