Musicamisleading advertising

We went to Musica to purchase a set of earphones we found when searching under Musica on the internet. However, purchasing it we were informed, that despite Musica being being owned by Clicks and all Musica websites including the Musica Customer Services redirecting you to Clicks, that the deal offered was not relevant to Musica. We were arrogantly informed that we had to go to Clicks, but that the Musica Gift Card we received would not work at Clicks. Requesting to speak to a manager we were arrogantly informed that it is not a management issue but a head office issue. I believe this to be intentional false/misleading advertising under Musica name and would expect this to be addressed from head office whereas the arrogant service would be store related and therefore a management issue. I trust that this issue can be resolved amicably, however if not I believe this to reflect a culture and therefore not be limited to our case and therefore needs to be brought under the attention of the Consumer Council.

Oct 06, 2019

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