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Dear concern,

I am operating my stationery store on 26/83, West Patel Nagar New Delhi 110008 from last 4 months. In this area stray dogs increasing and multiplying rapidly. My problem is an couple of weeks I am facing problems related to these stray dogs because they are spreads out a residential garbages in front of my store on early morning on daily basis which is happening couple of weeks. I was thinking it just a dog nature can be happen sometime but I shocked and getting problem on daily routine they are doing this like they are
trained to do this on exact place. I can't beat them because I fear about they can be bite to me
So please helpe out this problem as soon as possible to take a immediate action against this issue.

Thank you
Vinod Mehra [protected]
(Mehra stationery store)

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Jul 27, 2019 12:15 pm
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Number of stray dogs in c-5a part-ii janakpuri new delhi -110058 has increased too much leading to obvious problems to the residents and passerbyes in general. a brown dog with white neck color (commonly known by goofi name) normally seen nearby bses elec pole in between the row of houses c-5a-118 & c-5a-237 janakpuri new delhi-58 is in nature of attacking silently from behind the passerbyes and the pets. it is understood that a fellow stray dog biten by this dog died mercilessly

May the dangerous stray dog referred to above be removed to give relief & safety
To the people & pets of the area please

A super sr citizen of c-5a janakpuri nd-58, societal help


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