Mr. Tireoil change

B Sep 27, 2019

I went to this mr tire located at 2680 mosside boulevard, monroeville PA 15146 and it happened to be the worst mistake of my life their customer service is absolute joke because of them my brand new 2014 ford fusion with only 68000 mile on it has been turned to junk because some dummy at the oil change left the oil filter loose and the oil for which I paid 65.99 for kept dripping from the engine for two days almost drained the engine and on day 2 after the oil change my car started making this weird clicking sound and won't even start and I want back to them and they agreed that they left the oil filter loose and they set the oil back and everything but my car was still making that clicking noise and wasn't at all same as before. When I told him that and the [censored] manager at the store even noticed the sound he was like that motors break all the time and it is not our fault and was not being liable for a single penny not even a refund for a pathetic as oil change he did. Now my car is sitting in the garage like a piece of trash and its costing me 1000$ to get a new engine for it and thats just for the engine, with the labor charges and everything it could be at least 3000$. I have been traveling via uber and public transport for over a week now causing me a hella inconvenience plus I'm a student a freshman I can't afford that all my schedule have been thrown off you guys need to pay me for that and do something immediately about it or else i'll go to court.

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