E Aug 01, 2018

You [censored]ing google spy [censored] are not getting a phone number or any connection to any of my devices for backup or any other purpose you [censored]ing claim are needed for some [censored] redundancy, [censored] you! [censored] you and your [censored]ing unlawful intrusions and criminal trespass - piracy invasion of privacy... You [censored]ers are in bed with google an organization likely to get its employees murdered for [censored]ing with people and spying on the population via electronic eavesdropping for a de fact corporation and its subsidiary corporations united states inc (minor) calling itself government and operating under color of law. All federal agencies are departments of a corporation and posses no policing power or operating in any lawful capacity, meaning you and they can and will be prosecuted for piracy, subversion misprision of felony(s)... [censored] off

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