Motorite Administratorswarranty (incorrect information supplied)

Ni Oct 02, 2019


Please note I have called in to you guys on Monday 30.09.2019 regarding the extended warranty policy that I have with you guys i made two calls the first call was to find out where can I take my vehicle and the second was to find out how long it takes for a claim to be made.

The agent on the first call said I can take my vehicle to any VW dealership or any RMI approved workshop, getting this information I had taken my vehicle to a RMI approved workshop, the car was assessed and a quotation was sent to you guys, which was rejected I called in to find out why it was rejected I was told by your claims department that it needs to go to VW .i Had to take a day leave from work to release my vehicle and pay a R450.00 fee .If I was given the correct information by your agent I would not be running around I had to pay R450.00 out of my own pocket to you guys it may seem has small money but to me its aot I live on a budget and this was not budgeted for, if correct information was given to me this would have not occurred

I am not claiming back the R450.00 from you guys has this was your error in giving me false information, I will send invoice if required

I am sure your calls are recorded

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