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We signed the letter of offer for a property loan on 10 Mar. We were assured that the Bank's solicitor will get in touch with our UK solicitor asap i.e. within the same week. Today is 20 Mar and nothing has happened despite several reminders and emails. I have called the bank and contacted the Team Lead of mortgage advisory on 19 Mar. I was assured that the bank's solicitor will make contact today. This has not happened.

This delay is totally unacceptable. The seller, our property agent and UK solicitors are all waiting for the bank to act. The bank's employee, Jerome Phua, has repeated failed in his duty of care. This reflects very poorly on CIMB.


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    Mike7344 Aug 06, 2010

    Bank of America charges a $4 transaction fee for mortgage payments if you choose the "PayPlan 26 - Biweekly Payments". This means over the course of a year it will cost you $104. For a 30 year mortgage the cost adds up to $3, 016 (24 years and 5 months). Rediculous!!!

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    754e4 Oct 07, 2010

    On july 09, 2010 by 2 AM my house located in Alabama took fire and my insurance company promply sent an agent and promise to send a check to cover the damage.
    Since citimortgage had mortgage on the house even nobody live in a house, for My resquest is to stop the mortgage untill the house will be fixed.
    the minimum time the contractor needs is to finish the work is 3 months from the date the check will be receive.

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    Flavio Lima Dec 16, 2010

    Bank of America is adding a "new" service fee for customer that are paying their mortgage within the grace period but after the 10th of each month. This is outrageous, I have been a customer of Bank of AMerica since they purchased countrywide! What a scam

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    Mortgage Guy Dec 16, 2010

    What is the fee called, and how much do they charge?

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    quickenloansverybad Oct 06, 2011

    If you looking for the loan do not waste your time with QuikenLoans. They offer the rate much worth then the banks. At the end if you do not like their offer ( not mention spending almost an hour over the phone just to get the rate ) they just hung up on you. Never will call them again and advice everybody to stay away from them

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    Stymied_01 Jul 13, 2012
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    My Mortgage paper was sold by AuroraBank to Nationstar.
    Nationstar has applied my additional principal to interest - thereby attempting to steal $536.18 from my account.
    When trying to call the company, I was unable to reach a representative.

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    Isaaco Nov 14, 2012

    My Home has never been foreclosed, and i have no documentation to that effect, but Nationstar has continued to list my home as foreclosed. In spite of Fanny Mae approval that my mortgage with Nationstar was qualified for modification, they still would not do it, but developed all strategies to delay or refused to modify the mortgage.

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    Kirnpal Apr 10, 2013

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    Kirnpal Oct 12, 2013

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