Moose Internationalperson being banned for 30 days

On or around the first or second week of september, myself and among some friends went to the moose to enjoy some dancing and have a good time. When it was over, we were heading out and leaving the moose, when they were advising us to go out the back door which i found it odd, since we can't use the back door as an entrance or exit unless for urgent moments, to find out the dj who was playing that night was wanting to start an arguement with 2 of our friends, whom we didn't know why or what they were talking about. We are calm, friendly people who dont start arguements nor start fights or anything, and we do have people to back up my story. We know the dj and his girlfriend good and would always say hi to each other, but that night the dj wanted to start something with one of our other friend but he wasn't aware of what he did wrong when he was with us all night long minding our own business just having a good time. As the arguement worsen, the dj threw the first punch and my friend went down but didn't fight back . He asked the dj what his problem was or what he did but he didn't tell him, so the fight ended there. The next weekend the dj happened to b playing again that night, we minded our own business and try to have a good time, when my friend went to the restroom, the dj followed him in there to start again and told him what he was doing here and wanted to start fighting with him again. He even locked the restroom so noone else would go we tried coming two weeks ago to find out he was banned! This is not right and i didn't want to talk to the head of the moose cuz he's good friends with the dj and wont do nothing about it. It is something we have no reason to start anything and yet he can come up to my friend and start fighting for no reason? I heard something about my friend watching the dj girlfriend dancing? We all watch everybody dancing and we dont judge anyone on how they dance or act, but it's not a reason for this fighting to go on for something my friend didn't do intentionally nor meant anything bad by it. For him to be banned for 30 days isn't right. Nor when that dj plays, we cant go cuz he always wants to start something with my friend. This dj has to change his ways, he was banned from another place also where they play music, for causing a fight. Hope this can be resolved in good vibes, as this wasn't our fault nor wrong doing for someone else's wrong doing. We have one of the security guys that witnessed the fight and others who were suprised as we were that this happened. I don't want to involve them, cuz they are nice people and also our friends, and don't want to put them on the spot. I do hope to hear from you soon and see what we can do as members of the moose! We dont bother anyone nor are we fighting people, we just go to have a few drinks and dance with our friends, and we can't do that being our friend is banned for some misunderstanding, or being accused of something that wasn't meant for. Thank you for your time and may we hear from you soon.

Sep 30, 2019

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