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Mini Credit Report.comadvertising free 7 day trail and charging for it

They are misleading consumers with their advertisments/ads
stating free 7 day trail and charging people debit cards for amounts that are not even stated on there ads. And on the 2nd day of free trail my debit card was charged $29.99 .According to their ad a Person were to be charged only if after the 7 days you continued the service, which was credit monitoring for $14.95 a month. THIS COMPANY IS A REAL RIFF-OFF

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  • Ed
    Edwin J Olsen Mar 10, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am be9ng charged monthly for a credit report service I did not order, nor do I use.

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  • Ch
    charles coker Aug 12, 2009

    yall charged my card with out my consent im fixing to get in contact with my laywer if yall dont put it back on my card

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  • Ro
    Roger W. and Paula J. Leach Aug 28, 2009

    I did not request or authorize this company to supply me with a credit report. They have charged my Visa Account. for two months at $14.95 per month and I want it removed immediately. I have notified my Visa account these are unauthorized charges and refuse to pay them. Get this company out of business. It is fraudently advertising. Paula J. Leach; Roger W. Leach

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  • Jd
    J.D Oct 06, 2009

    Add me to the list that's over 3 years long. This does no good to say anything on here, obviously. Where can we go to get something real done?

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  • Ja
    jack irwin Sep 25, 2010

    if you take any more money out of my account ill find you kill my account now

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  • Be
    belgia Sep 27, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have filed a complaint with the Attorney General's Office and Fraud Dept. at my financial institution and I suggest all who were defrauded of funds from their accts unauthorized transactions for credit reports do the same. I DID finally contact ALEX at which is another website affiliated under the phone number [protected] and they are refunding my 14.95 within 3-7 business days. I am furious! It took me alot of research...HOURS to find out WHO mni* was and it linked back to many websites created to include This is inexcusable FRAUD. I should also charge them with the time I spent on a workday to research what happened and how to get my money back. If I do not see it refunded in 3-7 days...there will be bear for dinner. At this point I am looking at charges to be filed. Imagine everyone who may have had overdraft charges on accts or just do not know yet. Millions of $$$$ for fraud and bank resources. SOMEONE NEEDS TO pay attention! Always check your balances and unauthorized transactions.

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  • De
    Declan Littrean Nov 16, 2010

    I live in Trinidad and Tobago and have since noticed this same $14.95 deduction on my card as well. This is nonsense, this company should be restricted. If it helps, this happened when i tried purchases with Walmart, something is wrong!

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  • Ka
    kasum1987 Nov 23, 2010

    Thank you so much for putting this on here. I had the same thing happen and read your complaints and figured out what to do. I called them and they refunded my money and cancelled my membership. It is wrong what they're doing!!

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  • Ma
    mad consumer woman Nov 28, 2010

    thanks so much i have been billed continuously in the amount of $9.95 for some credit tracking crap its been happening to me for about a year in a half now. I called and canceled soon as i realized this. The person i spoke with reasurred me it was canceled. Now, its a year later and i am still being billed after they told me i would recieve my refund. So i need a year of back pay from the
    Any other suggestions you might have for me

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  • Da
    Danae Dec 05, 2010

    Same thing happened on me. I couldnt figure out what transaction is was when i saw it. I called my credit card company, and they helped me block this merchandise company. I am glad to see this info here. Thanks guys.

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  • Be
    bendereina Jan 09, 2011

    What a scam, I did not even get a credit report, yet every month $14.95 right out of my account. Thanks for the number and the warning. Next call Angie's List, Better Business Bureau and anybody else who will listen. I only got half way through the sign up and decided against it. Apparently that is enough to get sucked in.

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